"Excuse me Adrian, I believe I had something in my ear…what did you just say?" asked an astonished Massimo.

"You heard me," said Adrian calmly, while Sienna stared at him like he was a mad axe murderer. Helix, however, remained expressionless, playing with her turquoise tips. (Her hair had some turquoise in it; she liked to experiment.)

They were on their way to Helix's house to discuss their dilemma. Since Helix's place was the coolest due to her colorful and artful interior decoration, it was a clear favorite among the quartets'.

"Adrian, I know when you fell from that tree years ago that it kind of damaged your brain-"

"Sienna, I'm thinking sensibly. And no, it did not damage my brain. In fact, it gave me a battle scar…an advantage with the ladies," he smirked while Helix stuck the key in the lock to open the door.

Sienna snorted. "Oh yeah, I bet Cecilia loves it. I mean she was all over you today, and kept staring at you. I'm surprised she didn't just rip your nose off to keep it as a souvenir."

Helix and Massimo chuckled while they entered the kitchen. "Well excuse me, grouchy puss. I didn't know you cared about my personal affairs. Anyway, what's wrong with you today? You're flying off the handle with everything I say."

Sienna huffed in haughtily and walked faster, sitting on one of the dining room chairs. Although she knew very well that she was angry because he had been receiving so much attention from girls, especially her enemy Cecilia, her pride would not let her admit that to him.

Around the kitchen hung old movie posters, ones of old stars, (James Dean, Audrey Hepburn) and autographed photographs of dead stars.

Helix's parents weren't exactly the strictest, and had a refined taste for art. Eccentric was what described the family, who had a vast array of pets, such as iguanas, snakes, dogs, parrots, and two fish, named Steven, one with a V and one with a P.

Almost every room was painted a different color and there was vintage pottery of almost every shape and size around the house. Helix could blast heavy metal upstairs while her parents cranked up the jazz downstairs. Simply put, they were a family that 'went with the flow.'

Adrian rummaged through the refrigerator while still rambling on. "Are you on your crimson wave, Sienna?"

Massimo, who just handed Helix a bottle of green tea and Sienna a Pepsi, gagged on his water.

"Excuse me?" asked Sienna. "Crimson wave?"

"You know, your something that ends on every sentence…" he replied mockingly, drowning the bottle of apple juice he just selected.

"You mean a 'period', douche bag?" asked Helix.

"Well you didn't have to be vulgar about it," said Adrian, who followed her upstairs with the others.

Helix's room was, how else could you put it, colorful. The four panels of wall in her room were each painted a different color. Posters and framed paintings were all over her room, with vinyl records scattered on the floor.

Her desk was cluttered with papers, a halfway painted canvas was in the middle of the room, plastic stars were hung from the ceiling, and a spacious bed with intricate designs was in the corner.

Adrian made himself comfortable and plopped on Helix's bed while the two girls made themselves comfortable on the plush carpet and Massimo on her office chair.

"What I don't understand is why Mr. Pannebaker would need 67 grand for our radio station. I mean we don't exactly have the fanciest station in the town," said Massimo, shaking his head with utter disapproval.

"Maybe he's lying to us," said Sienna, playing with a box of Helix's origami. "Perhaps he's just sick and tired of teenagers parading under his house."

"Are you kidding me?" asked Helix, "Mr. Pannebaker is only the cheapest man alive. He does everything he can to get money, and whatever money our band and radio station makes, he gets almost half of the profits."

"But we don't even do it for money," protested Massimo, staring intently at her.

"Exactly. Which is why we even put up with him in the first place," she said. "Really, I don't even know how he feeds his family. Does he just go to the 99 cent store and purchase an expired can of Spam for his wife and kids?"

Adrian laughed. "Yeah, I don't even know why he owns toilets. If his family eats no food, then what do they poop out?"

He started laughing hysterically while the others were silent. Crickets seemed to be chirping out of nowhere, and as his laughter slowly died, Sienna took charge.

"Listen, guys. This radio station has been apart of our lives for almost two years now. It is literally the best thing that has ever happened to us. We have to make sure that Sponge FM will go on," she declared, startling the others with her presidential-like speech.

"Well, ok, Clinton. How do we do it?" asked Adrian.

Although no one except Sienna admitted it, their radio station had played a major part of their lives. The only though that carries them through the day is getting to the station and letting loose all their thoughts. Without it, what would happen to the unheard and underprivileged teenagers? What would happen to Poseidon? To them?

The four sat quietly, contemplating their thoughts. "Maybe I can become a male stripper," said Adrian hopefully. "You know how much they pay these days."

Helix snorted. "I'm sorry, Adrian. Mr. Pannebaker said 67 grand, not two dollars."

After that outburst, it was quiet again. "I can tutor kids and maybe get a job," said Massimo.

"Or maybe we can just try to play as many gigs as we can and save up all our money," said Sienna hopefully.

"Come on, Helix," said Adrian playfully, "Surprise us with your rebellious thoughts. Give us the answer to our problem."

Helix was silent for a moment. Then she slowly said, "You already gave us the answer."

The other four stared at her, perplexed. "What do you mean Adrian just gave you the answer?" asked Massimo.

Realization dawned on Sienna. "Wait a minute," she said slowly, "Do you mean to tell me that-"

"Yes. Rob a bank."