About Me

Brothers and sisters.
The one's I never had,
Until now.

I have a step-sister,
And now a step-father.

My parents are separated,
No longer living with one another
Fortunately, the are both happy.
For, they have
Significant others.

I'm having to keep on moving.
We're bound to move again soon.

I have great friends
Here in this school,
They always look out for each other.
I've had some trouble with one in particular.

I've had very bad experiences.
One's I wish had never happened,
But I can't just wish upon a star
And hope it will all go away,
That everything would be the same.

I've gotten weirder and weirder
With each and every day,
All because of one very rude person.
I was never this weird before,
So why now?

This was a poem
I have written about myself.
I hope you enjoyed it,
Because I sure did.