The person who broke this window didn't see
how beautiful it was
Or the beauty it looked out upon.

Now there's only a jagged frame left
and pieces lie all over the floor.

Some are piles of dust
That will blow away in the wind
That was once kept outside.

Beyond repair.

There's silence in the room beyond
Where there was once life.

There's shadows rising there
Where none have been before.

Ghosts of memory and thoughts.

No more light shines.
But one day this door will open
and someone will walk through.

He's been in this once-familiar room before.
He'll walk through the darkness
Like it wasn't there
And gather the glass into his hand.

And then
One by one
He'll put the pieces back.

It'll take a long time
But he won't give up.

He'll make the window a window again.

There'll be holes in it
And cracks where it broke
But outside
A day will dawn once more.

This empty place
Is holding its breath
And the window is waiting

For him.