Chapter 1
Unwanted Feelings

My love,

You're probably wearing you tux right now, fiddling with you tie. I can picture you now, sitting on the couch, glancing at the clock, waiting for someone to get you so you can wait for me to walk up the aisle. You haven't seen the dress yet and you're probably wondering what I look like. But don't feel bad, your crazy brother hasn't seen the dress either. I can see you rubbing your hands up and down your pant legs, trying to wipe of the sweat. Why are you nervous? You have the easy part.

My hand slid through his soft, but thick hair. I heard a rumble of contentment run through his body, as he hugged me tighter. Chase turned his head so one side of his face was covered by the pillow and sighed.

"Do I have to get up," he asked, his hand running up and down my arm.

I laughed, "Yeah, you do, you have a meeting today." I poked his side, right below his ribs, knowing what would happen next. He rolled onto his side, taking me with him. I smiled and kissed him on his chin.

"Morning," he whispered against my lips, which were curving into a bigger grin.

I moved so I was sitting on his hips, the sheet wrapped around me, my legs on both sides of him. Chase ran his hands up my thighs and said with a smirk, "Honey if you wanted to be on top, all you had to do was ask."

I swatted his arm, "You're such a jerk."

He chuckled and asked, "But you still love me right?"

I didn't answer as I got up off the bed, grabbing the sheet with me.

"Hey, I wanted to enjoy the view."

"If you want a view, look out the window."

He propped himself onto his elbows, "But yours is so much more…stimulating."

I opened the bathroom door and looked over my shoulder. I grinned and said, "You want the view?"

He nods his head. I walked in the bathroom and slowly lowered the sheet, watching as his smile got bigger. I dropped the sheet just as my foot slammed the door shut.

"Hey!" I heard him yell as I got into the shower. Laughing I shook my head. I could see Chase now, glaring at the closed door. I turned on the shower, feeling the warm water cascade down my body. With any other guy, the shower door would be sliding open to come in. Chase knew that this was my time, showers were so relaxing.

When I felt the water become tepid, I shut it off a grabbed the towel off the rack. Wrapping it around my body stepped out of the shower. I reached over to grab my clothes, but the only thing I came in contact was the sheet. I then realized I didn't bring any clothes in with me. I went to the sink and started brushing my teeth. That's when I heard Chase get up. I could tell by the sounds of his steps that he didn't want to go. I rolled my eyes, the big baby. I washed my mouth and wiped it on a smaller towel.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I was pushed up against the wall. Chase stood in front of me, grinning. I threw a mock glare at him, but he just laughed. He leaned in for a kiss, his lips slowly brushing mine, before kissing me deeply. I lifted my face up and kissed him harder. Our tongues dueled together before we broke apart, panting.

I leaned away and muttered, "Morning breath, you dork."

He shrugged before leaning in to kiss me again, but I pushed him back. He pouted his lips and batted his eyes. I turned my head to the side so he wouldn't see my laugh, but his finger tapped my chin and pushed it back.

"Don't think you could hide that from me."

I looked at him innocently, "Hide what?"

"That beautiful smile of yours."

"Don't try the good ol' Hunter charm on me. You are going to be late if you don't march that sexy ass of yours into the bathroom to get ready."

"But I don't want to." He wrapped his arm around my waist, "I'd rather stay in bed with you all day."

"Work then play."

He smirked and asked, "You promise?"

I raise an eyebrow, "Well, now that you mentioned it, I don't think so."

He shot me a mock frown before leaning in for quick kiss. "I love you."

I nodded my head and said jokingly, "I think I love you."

He kissed me again, "I love you."

I smile and rub my hands up and down his chest before leaning up to kiss him again, "I love you, too."

"Just one more week and you'll be all mine."

My arms moved lower, wrapping around his waist as I gave him a hug. My head rested against his chest, my ear pressed against his heart, listening.

I smile, "I'm already yours and you better not forget it."

"Forget the fact that I'm marrying the most beautiful female in the world?"

"Still not going to work, Chase"

"Too much?"

I nodded my head in agreement.

Chase kissed my forehead and left for the bathroom. I dressed before leaving the room. In the kitchen, I started making the coffee. Searching through the cupboards, I grabbed a bowl and the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I was pouring milk into the bowl when I heard Chase come down the stairs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him grab the box of strawberries. He started cutting them into small squares as I poured orange juice a glass. He walked over a dumped the strawberries into the glass and went to go pour a cup of coffee for himself.

I smiled at him, and swirled my strawberry chunks around. When Chase first found out how I drank my orange juice he made fun of me. When he saw how sad I was, he started making the drinks for me. After two years of living together, he still hasn't stopped.

He munched on a few bites of his cereal before handing me his tie. I shook my head at him. The one thing Chase hates more than anything is wearing ties, he says that he gets that from Shane.

Damn, I don't even want to think about him.


At the time, I was leaning against the counter, but I walked over to wear he was sitting. I sat down on his lap and put his tie on. He tried to loosen it, but I pushed his hand away.

He glared at me before saying, "So what are you planning on doing today?"

"Jenn called me earlier and wanted to discuss the pricings of the fountain I sculpted for her client, but other than that, nothing else." I place my arms around his neck and give him a quick kiss, "You're not nervous about the meeting, are you?"

He looks to the side before mumbling, "Liz, it's an important meeting."

I grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at me. "Chase you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand within seconds. You've worked really hard on this advertisement, and your presentation shows it. You and Bobbie are going to get the case, and after that, we'll celebrate."

Chase leans in for a kiss, "I knew there was a reason I loved you so much."

"So I'm only here for moral support," I asked sarcastically.

"Well that and the fact you're amazing in bed." He nods his head seriously, but within seconds he's laughing.

I shake my head at him, knowing that cracking horrible jokes is his way of relieving stress.

Chase kissed my forehead. "Sorry. I'm just nervous…and don't give me that look, I know you're right."

I nodded and got off of his lap. Chase tried to pull me back down, but I pointed to his food. "It's going to get soggy if you don't eat."

He scrunched his nose, but started eating after I said that. I grabbed my drink and took a sip.

"Well…I was kind of hoping I could ask you to do something for me."

I looked up and waited for him to continue.

"Shane booked an earlier flight. He called yesterday to tell me that he would be here at one today. I was hoping that you would be able to pick him up from the airport."

I started choking. Chase was out of his seat and standing next to me in seconds. When I was done coughing, he asked me if I was okay.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"What happened?"

"…strawberry was too big."

He runs his hand through his hair, "Liz, I'm sorry, I thought I cut them in the smaller chunks that you like."

He looked so worried and sad, but I couldn't take back my lie. How could I tell Chase the truth?

"Are you sure your okay," he asked anxiously.

"I'm fine Chase, don't worry about it."

He nods his head before giving me a kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. I felt a shiver go up my spine. Chase broke off the kiss, a gave a peck on my cheek.

"You'll be able to pick up Shane, right?"

His eyes were still filled with lust after the kiss, a look that I wanted to memerize.

I could do this, I could do this.

I nod my head and push him towards the door. He grabbed his keys and his briefcase off the counter.

"I love you, Liz."

"Love you too."

I leaned against the counter and watched him drive away from the window.

"I could do this," I said to the empty room.


I knew deep down inside that I couldn't face Shane after what happened. He was supposed to stay away, he was supposed to leave me and Chase alone.

But Chase didn't know, and how could Shane turn down his little brother's request.

He was coming to the wedding.

And he was bringing all the feelings I had for him back again.

So here's another story...hope you guys like it.


Cynically Amused