By Trang An

In this world we live in
We fail to realize how short life is

People desire eternal life, to live forever
But what for? Do you not feel the pain of living?

We love each other and we hate each other
Through life and death we live

With happiness comes sorrow
A deeper sadness than you realize

Why not live in harmony? Why can't we be allowed to exist?
Intolerance hurts like a stabbing pain in the heart

All we're trying to do is live
Why do you punish us? We have done nothing wrong

I feel the sadness but the tears won't come
For so long I've cried and now my eyes are dry

If I can bring a smile to someone's face, is that not enough?
Even if it is for a moment, to be happy feels good

Why do you wish to bring sadness to everyone around you?
Why can't we all just be happy? Why must the world be so cruel?

We all bleed the same blood; we all cry the same tears
We all live under the same sky

There is no need to be angry; why spread the hate?
We all just want to be happy; is that so bad?