this is perfect

is this perfect?

scars scatter across (my) wrists and (my)
tears dent (my) cheeks as putrid vomit
escapes from (my) mouth. with a gun,
cocked and loaded, in (my) hand and
a (/your) name carved into the bullet.

i want to escape from this. can you
give me a reason not to pull the trigger?
because this suffering needs (i want
it) to end. i'm tired of thoughts of you
running through my head and the fact
that she (not you) wants(/ed) to help me.

i want to scream this all in your face.
i want to make you understand every
-thing you (are) put(ting) me through.
but i can't if you won't listen (because
you forget as if nothing ever happened).

May 6, 2006