A River Lost

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

A River islost in a forest, of buildings and lights

And he can't be seen, in the black of the night


People call, but he cannot hear

As he sits and waits, for an answered prayer


Deeper he falls and the city achieves

What it sought after from the moment he came


But who will save the River, in the forest so deep

Of branches and limbs and leaves and trees


Many have tried, but no one can save

The little boy whose face, fades away inside the man


So I sit and watch, as the story unfolds

On the television screen, inside my room


Many have forgotten the boy, lost in the forest

Who's crying inside, scared and alone


But many have not, who tried to save him

But it's hard to save someone, with so much pain


And now to all, it's very clear

That you can't save someone, from them selves

Dedicated to River Phoenix