The Weeping Willows Cry

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

Weeping willow, weeping willow

I come to you with tears in my eyes,

Wondering if my heart will die

I come to you without a prayer,

And wonder if anyone cares

A tear rolls down my cheek,

And then I begin to weep


Weeping willow

Why do I weep?

Is it because I hurt so deep?

Or is it because my souls not at peace?

I wonder if I'll ever feel joy


Weeping willow

My scares run deep

And I wonder why my souls not at peace

I feel a pain with in my heart

And pour it out upon your bark


Weeping willow, weeping willow

I wonder if my soul will die,

And leave me all alone and dry

And then at last I'll be at peace,

And no longer need to cry