Strangulated on this insanity.

Glass breaks in my hand.

Feeling ugly and forsaken.

Pitiful and pathetic,

I whisper to the image in the mirror.

Trapped in this darkness.

This purging hell.

Purging me of my sanity.

It seeps from my blood.

Blood all over.

Bleeding dry.

Where I want to be.

Cut and cut and cut,

With the broken glass.

Cry and laugh.

When you really are screaming.

Falling apart completely.

Shaking hands.

Feeling cold.


But non of this horror will.

Coincidence, reason, unreasonable, rambling, tragedy, undone, torn.

Torn apart.

As frail as the web of a spider.

Can't make this stop.

Being torn away and bleeding.

No peace to be found.


So sweet,

So awful.

Tearing at flesh with my teeth,

Blood, the taste in my mouth.

And anger.

My thoughts,

Not following one another,

Words shattered from each other.



Make the thoughts and feelings go away.

Wishing for some sort of release.

Becoming bitter.

No sanity left.