I hate Pirates. I can't fucking stand them. If I hadn't thought that they had anyone else on their ship I would have killed them all instantly. But due to our high level of secrecy its easier to play dead than the unkillable. I hear the air lock close and the computer announce that we are un-docking. As soon as I feel the ship starting to drift I open my eyes and look around. Rico is just starting to stir and the ship is a mess. I stand up and feel a pinch in my arm. I absent mindedly rub it and find a fine needle stuck there. I look at it dumb founded for a moment before I stick it in a nearby cushion, cursing. I pull one out of Rico and he starts to stir almost instantly. Before I welcome him back to the realm of the waking I toss into a machine that tests for poisons. It seems like an unpractical thing to just be hanging around any old ship but its not. Poison has become rampant in food supplies in later years. Any time you pick up a new supply its common place to test it before accepting it. The computer screen gives me the name of something I've never heard of, let alone be able to pronounce. But it's the description that concerns me.

Substance used in the drugging of large mammals. Usually only effective for short periods ranging from a few minutes to ten minutes. Causes retrograde amnesia.

"Green Guys," I yell, "Wake the fuck up." I pound on each of the panels they are hiding behind, as they can't actually hear me yelling for them.

"Shit." I hear one of the guys curse.

"What is it?" I look at him.

"Gage. She's Gone." Blythe says angrily, slamming the trap door so hard, it bounces back open before it can lock.

I walk over to him and look into the empty cubby where he was pointing. I try to think about what happened but I can't. Its gone.

"Are you okay Orion?" Donahue asks me.

I shake my head, "No, I can't remember what happened. I can't remember anything after they fucking walked on the ship!" I pound my fist against the wall for