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One Pill Makes You Smaller, and One Pill Makes You Small

And the Ones that Mother Gives You, Don't Do Anything at All!

That was the sign of the Business I walked by every morning and night on my way to and from my home. An unusual name for a business, but it always seemed to be incredibly busy. People appeared to be always coming in and out of the door, which had a white rabbit painted by the handle. I walked by it every morning and peered inside the window as I passed, all you could see was a waiting room, typical of any doctors office. I have to admit, the title received chuckles from people walking by it in the street. It didn't seemed to be a doctors office, really. There was no listings of what doctors worked there, and the office hours were barely visible on the bottom of the door (8am to 8pm, everyday but Monday). From my casual glances in the window, I couldn't even see who, if anybody worked there. Yet, business remained booming. My curiosity is getting the better of me, day by day, morning and night. What is inside of this building. What do they really do here. That's it, I'm going in.