Small Bird

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

There was a small bird,

Caught by the slimy waters, blackened by oil and dirt

As it searched for food its wings were covered,

And it sank and sank and sank to the bottom

And its soul took flight, higher and higher

As it sails its way to the stars


Higher and higher it flies past heaven

And into an infinite void

And it flies and flies higher and higher

Till it flies into oblivion

And to it, it seems, that it must be,

Right back to were it started

In that black sea of death

And then it begins to panic,

And then it begins to fall


Fall and fall and fall

Back past the infinite void,

Back past the heavens,

Back past the stars,

And into the ocean from which it came

And back into its body


And it struggles and struggles back to the top,

Like it had once before

It knows it's there cause it sees the moon,

And it landed on the shore


I find the small bird

And weep and weep

And clean it with my tears

Then I set it free

And it flies away to heaven,

So beautiful against the moon


I sit on the beach and look up to find

That the small bird I can no longer see

Then I start to think

And realized what it is I had not seen,

That yes indeed I see it know that,

That small bird . . . was me