A/N: About this poem, heh, it's an old one I found. It reminds me of those little poems that they have at the beginning of video games. that's about all I can say about it. Just so you all know I'm not a dead writer, a sequel to stabat spiritum is in the works. I've got about 3-5 chapters done.

Nice things,

A certain sadness hangs over us now
From this point hence
All generations will call us cursed

But it was fun while it lasted
And we had each other
We walked hand in hand through azure cities
We wrote our names on the eastern wall
Amid the crimson sands of time

We learned about love for everything
And for each other
Friendship is not an iron bond
It is an ocean
That moves in and out
Within its perpetual change
Lies its immutable grace

With clasped hands and aching hearts
We flew into the wasteland of the stars
We sung our praises amid the hosts of angels
And spoke to the meteor dust
Left by time that does not change

We prophesied both love and pain
And received much of both in return
Though we are lost now
We'll always remember the time
When we had each other