Star Heart

A single star,
For a single rose,
But does it mean,
That it is possible.

Though love is such a simple thing,
It has to run in circle,
Until you have to close your eyes,
To avoid disater.

But yet I don't want to let go,
I want that rose,
Instead of that star,
Through it is foolhardy.

And yet it makes more sense,
Then many things I've known,
But yet it's the most confusing,
Thing to discover.

And yet,
Even though it holds no right,
No promises,
Our hearts always beat the same.....

Must we change,
When we are still the same?
Must I see into your eyes,
To see your true meaning?

Or is it that you take a far different path then most,
And your not meant for me?
But that could not just be,
Because you are that rose and that star is my heart.