Animal Nature

The Moth

The moth alights from the warm green grass

And flies across the yard,

It's beauty cannot compare with the butterflies that flit along,

But it's modest beauty and dull white wings, sharply contrast

Making it more beautiful in it's simplicity.

A Difficult Itch for the Cow

What a hard place to itch,

Behind the ear on a cow

What can it do, but lift up its back leg,

And stretch it, and itch until the itch is eased

Wild Rabbit

Wild Rabbit on the run

Quite afraid as I walk by

It fretfully sits while I take one little step

Then the wild rabbit hops fearfully away.

The Flies

Why do the flies like my house!

Then swarm in the hedges all day.

When I step outside in the basking sun

They all fly in my face, while I fling my arms sending them away.

Dark flies the Owls at Night

Dark flies the Owls at Night

across the roads that I drive

They come across the street

causing me to stare

But these Noble birds rarely let me see

their wise selves in the night.

Birds! BIRDS!!! Why Must You Wake Me Up

Very early in the dawn

The Birds begin to sing.

Beautiful melodies the world all enjoys

In bright high voices in the Morn'

Unfortunately, the world doesn't allows approve

of the Hour at which they sing

Birds! BIRDS!!! Why must you wake me up

At 5:30 o'clock everyday.


When I was young, I never saw one

Yet now they are all around

I see them now, as they run, run, run

Collecting food, until they are done.

Black ones, Grey Ones

Little difference does it make

Because all I ever see them do

Is collect food till they are done.

Rats with busy tails, yes?

or cute little animals with paws

No one really can tell,

but all we ever see them do

Is collect food until they are done.

The Coyote

They coyote hides in it's new city lair

coming out to seek its prey

I see it every so often come

to hunt both night and day.

Scanning, and running through the Mall's parking lot

Perplexed by the people who stare

Running across the Highway at night

It's pale eyes shining bright with shock

It's we humans who have entered here

and cause all this uproar

The coyote misses its old haunts and dens

Until they all sadly disappear.

Horses in the Front Yard

A strange sight to behold,

Even believing it is hard,

What a shock, and surprise for them waking up

To discover horses in the front yard!