What if I told you that I was your soul mate? Your best friend? The love of your life? Would you question me in disbelief or curiosity? Would you walk away from me like I was insane? What if I told you that I know everything about you and that you've forgotten?

Well, I do know everything about you. And I am your soul mate, your best friend and the love of your life. But it was not always this way. There was a time before you couldn't speak to anyone or let anyone know how you are, when you were awake where we didn't really speak to each other. But we grew to love one another.

Who I am isn't important anymore because when you wake up I doubt thatyou'll even remember me. Even if you do, I'll be gone. And you won't have any reason to find me because you'll be happy.

This is our story. I am here only to tell you the events of your life because your family doesn't have the guts to do it themselves. This was your life before this.

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