Am I supposed to repent,

For a curse not my own?

Am I supposed to fear,

The signs that have flown?


If the world was pure,

My job would end.

I hunt all demons,

Even who might be a friend.


A demon,

Yes I am known.

But, the title doesn't say,

What I could have done to you, today.


With fangs the length of an arm,

Pearly whites that cause extreme harm.

I am vicious to all my kin,

Though, they always try to win.


Misery is my companion,

Loneliness comes in time.

Any mortal life, I hereby abandon.

My heart as hard as a dime.


Born as a mortal;

Taken in my teens,

It wasn't very cordial,

By any sort of means.


Veins stretch designs,

Woven into my wings.

A leather strip winds,

To cover the bloody thin strings.


Ivory talons,

Rip stripes upon foes.

Splashed in red so often;

But washed away in droves.


Scales harder than diamonds,

All the color of ebonite.

Horns to slay the titans,

Curve from my skull, pearly white.


Flames bellow from my lips,

Fire summoned from the depths.

I carry the secret of the flame,

Inside me without a name.


A potion stole my humanity,

And gave me a body.

A corrupt and deadly form,

That towers over the naughty.


I was turned into a dragon,

Over a million years I've seen.

Demons I have killed,

A question asked to any who were keen.


Death with follow til I find who gave the draught,

The creator of my blight.

Many said it was for naught,

But this will continue, unless I lay down for the last night.