(Misinterpretation Of A Part-Time Insomniac)

i knew i'd lost my home when i
caught my knuckles licking my four a.m. eyes
couldn't leave the lights behind the window
their glow was the thread between me and their web
so with a click-chk I invited them on a walk and
catching their fire in the glass i caught myself in my black lace dress and
i guess there's something in that slip dress glamour that always
catches me being myself
i'm too complex in my contradictions and i'm
innocent in the way a child could never be
i prefer to romanticize life instead of human beings and i
don't like sleep
there's better use for Time and i
am misinterpreted twice every thirty-eight seconds but
only once if it could be up on Time the
world and the feeling of life are
the only lovers i need