(Autobiographical Off My Behalf)

and then there's every time i've ever written it for a boy
the kind who tell me i said Anything-Everything-Could-Would-Ever-Thought-Might-Should-Be seductive in me
during my black slip dress days
when my fingers have felt too tightly screwed into my knuckles
so my process was never lewd
my spine just buckled under the weight of such window blinds coming down on my neck
to inform me that
to "look down from a bridge" can be done from my bed
or my sheets
too red for their lack of lust
were just suitable enough for your paper and pen/-cil
that takes such careful notes only to leave them unreadable
so if i continue not to tell you that it's too much Not Enough
will i ever touch on your one-sided nazi line
that has nothing to do with historical context
it's nothing but a modern contest of who can invent New Passion first
and information is a wide-eyed obsessive birth
so dance
it's what you've done since you were born
and less since you learned how to run run run run run
so pick up your heels my holy girl and run like you learned
like that night you mailed yourself around the world
with no idea of how it could work
just a fist full of lace from the hem of your
skirt pulled up too high
revealing the 666 on my inner thigh