(Where The Anything Everything's Grow)

August begs me come and August begs me go
to for to find through it to though
All's left to leave from move to go
and I'm too young to be this old but
life's too much to make it's pace that slowed
I know where I'm going but I'm unsure where I've gone and
once a Going's done with I'm uncertain where it was from
I think I might get it right on one side of an ocean or another
as sure as one sentence generally leads to some other
But is it too much to feel somewhere in all this Something
to feel that sometimes I'm the only living someone
who's living in all this Anything Everything that's living on around
Or is it just a Here I Am and all that you can say
is where you've thought and what you've been
And it's so irrelevant
when you list things you've done
without listing a whether or not you'll ever do them again
Or maybe I'm wrong and you can't stop doing
the things you're bored with or how many
have been bored with breathing
But not with life
Contradiction is the only thing that keeps us going
we get bored with what's too
easy and lame with what's too hard and
life has made you believe that
life is what you want