Cursed Crow Introduction

Makenshi Karasu, a young boy that's life has ended when he was only nine years old. Well not really he is still pretty much a live but the person he was, is gone forever. He was an ordinary little kid, and like an ordinary little kid he got lost. He went to the theater with his parents but before the movie started he told his parents he was going to the bathroom. Once he was finished he forgot which movie it was or which room his family was in.

He got scared so he ran and then he felt someone following him. He turned around and nobody was there. Then he was right in front of Makenshi's face. He looked like if he was in his early 20s. He has unusual gold eyes and a scare on his left eye.

Makenshi just wanted to piss his pants with he saw him. The man with the golden eyes hunched down so he can be at eye level with Makenshi

"are you lost?" he man with the golden eyes asked

"y-y- yea" Makenshi said stuttering

"what is your name little boy?"

"Makenshi Karasu" he said nervously

"Perfect name you got there"

"um thanks" Makenshi said walking away still facing him

Then the man took a step closer and grabbed Makenshi and passed out in a matter of seconds.

He woke up an hour later; by the sound of his mother crying. But when she saw him open his eyes she stopped and hugged him. Makenshi would never feel that hug ever again for the rest of his life.

The Karasu family got home and went to sleep right away, after all Makenshi did give them a huge scare.

Hours later Makenshi smelled smoke coming from out side of his room. He opened the door and saw the roaring flames wanting to get his my room. He covered my nose with his arm and saw in the living room on fire, so he ran to my parent's room. But it was too late the fire got to them first. He watch them burn in their beds, their bodies disappeared into the flames and he couldn't do anything.

So Makenshi turned around and ran towards the fire escape. As he passed by the living room he saw some one in the living room at the corner of his eye. He stopped and looks to see who the hell it was. His eyes widened and fear ran through his body it was the same guy in the theater! His golden eyes shimmered and looked like they were on fire. He felt his heart stop, so he ran and got out of the apartment from the fire escape. Makenshi ran so fast that night he felt his legs were about to fall off, but he kept on running.

Makenshi finally stopped at to see a house far enough from the apartment. He ran to the door and started to bang on the door, yelling, begging for them to open the door or else we would die.

A boy opened the door with fright he looked like he was in his mid teens. He looked around then at Makenshi

"Come in come in" he said grabbing Makenshi and shut the door quickly. Makenshi collapsed on the floor of exhaustion, frustration and sadness. He looked up at the guy that opened the door as he scrunched down; he looks like he was in his mid teens, he has dark red hair and grey eyes with ivory skin.

"What happened little guy?" he asked with a sad expression on his face

Just when Makenshi was about to answer someone turned on the lights, it was the boy's parents.

"Joey who is this?" asked the father

"I dunno dad he was banging on the doorhysterically" said the boy

"Oh dear" said the mother

She walked up to me, picked me up from the floor, and bent down so she could be at eye level with Makenshi.

"My name is Lauren Gates, what's your name?"

"Makenshi…Makenshi Karasu" he said in a sad tone

"Makenshi, what a nice name" said Lauren and turned around

"This is my husband Nathan Gates and my son Joey" she said pointing at them.

Then out of no where, popped a little girl, standing in between Joey and his father.

"What's going on? Why is everyone out up?" said the little girl rubbing her left eye and yawning, holding a white stuffed bunny.

Joey looked down and picked up the little girl. She was a beautiful little thing, with long black hair, turquoise eyes, and rosy cheeks. She was adorable.

"Aww I'm sorry did we wake you Em?" said Joey holding the little girl in his arms.

"Oh Makenshi this is my daughter Emily" said Lauren now standing up right

"Who is he momma?" said Emily resting her head on Joey's shoulder

"This is our guest Emily, he shall be staying with us for a while" said Lauren looking back at Makenshi. He smiled and so did Emily.

That night Makenshi slept in Lauren and Nathan's room, he couldn't help but thinking about Emily and that guy that murdered his parents. The next day Lauren asked if Makenshi had any relatives in Japan, but he didn't. So Lauren talked to Nathan about adoption and in a week or so the Gates became Makenshi's new family. They went back to California the week after that. Lauren and Nathan divorced two years laterbut remained friends.

Nathan took Joey at age seventeen, back to Japan cause Nathan owned a company there and Joey had to come because he is going to own it one day. Nathan and Joey visited every holiday and every birthday as the years went by. Makenshi lived with the Gates for six to seven years but then he left at age fifteen to Japan. Emily was the last to see him and she didn't even get to tell Makenshi how she really feels about him.

But he knew he couldn't go back because he has been getting these weird abilities and has felt the stinging memory of the man that took his parent's lives.

Makenshi did keep in touch with Emily and Lauren, every now and then he would write to them. Makenshi continued his lasts high school year in Japan but never finished. He got kicked out and that's when he lost touch with Emily and Lauren. Makenshi tried to find Joey or Nathan but had no money for transportation. So he got a job at the hospital, saving as much money as he can to make the trip from Osaka to Tokyo.

Makenshi thought about Emily and how much he misses her and wonders if she is thinking the same thing…

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