Upon Blood Red Skies

Our Mother cries out for her children

For the love of a parent

seeing the grief of a child

it tears her apart

just as it tears you apart.

As she watchs the Liquor bottle go to your lips

trying to forget her

trying to forget the woman you loved

your mother's tears fall to the earth like rain

She looks to the heavens to ask her husband for assistance

in guiding you to the one you shall love

You shun her words, and your fathers help

and go along your own way

making your lonely trek

across the world

determined to make it

on your own

but all you find

is the carnal sex

from questionable women

and the hard liquor

from the glass bottle

that you swore off

so long ago

You loved

You hated

You forgave

You loved again

the endless cycle

follows the patterns of humanity

And I must ask

when will you forgo the shackles

that you have embellished on yourself

and live the life of what you must be

someone with that much love

is deigned for greatness

only once you stop trying

to please everyone

and start trying to save yourself

will you succeed.

The power lies between your hands

in your heart

and mind

And will be what you've always desired.

You're lonely too much

and its time to stop.