I'm know I'm usually a mess of insecure, teenage angst and a bit of a drama whore but nothing is exaggerated in this story to deglorify the actual events that occured. This is a true story.

It would also personally mean a lot to me if you review, even though I just needed an outlet to vent my emotions. Enjoy.

He was completely head over heels in love with her.

She was in love with him; the pretty boy who played and fucked countless gorgeous girls and showed off every chance he got.

He would do anything to be with her. Virtually anything, if she asked him to.

Though, she happened to be completely and painfully oblivious.

He was best friends with him and both him and him were unaware that she played such a major role in their lives, whether they liked it or not.

She didn't even know he existed and changed her soul - rewriting her smiles, her tears and her personality just to have him glance her way.

He was too inattentive at first and her wasted efforts pained both her and him, their unrequited love slowly wasting their hearts away.

Eventually, she got him to notice her and he asked her out, just like everyone predicted.

He cheated on her with her best friend and she witnessed the whole thing then ran off to the him; who stood watching from the sidelines; silently aching for her for all this time.

He opened his arms and welcomed her tenderly, not knowing that she was still infatuated with him and only seeked his comfort to curb her sexual needs.

For a while, he was actually happy.

She gave herself to him then walked out the door to go back to him, while he stood there heartbroken and confused, wondering what the hell just happened.

He started becoming bitter and his personality changed drastically; he took a turn for the worse.

He found all his sluts tiresome and since there was no fresh meat, he thought he could try and corrupt her, still thinking that she was a virgin.

He was broken.

He was spinning a tale.

She believed him and his lies, as she was completely blind to his faults and flaws, convinced that he really loved her.

He then dumped her.

She ran back to him; even though she was aware that she had hurt him deeply.

Against his will, he took her into his arms again, willing to forgive and forget, after all, he loved her, didn't he?

She couldn't get over him and only used him as a rebound, while he showered her with kisses, love, affection and genuine care for her wellbeing.

She then crawled back to him after a while, unable to go on for much longer and guess what happened after that?

He didn't want her.

He cried himself to sleep that night, watching her throw herself at him until he finally got too drunk to notice or care and fucked her with three other guys in the middle of the living room.

She became his 'friend' with a lot of benefits and willing became his whore.

He sunk into depression and turned to alcohol and drugs.

Unrequited love ate away at his fragile soul.

Betrayed and forsaken, his suicide note contained only the words that made her regret ever existing.


Is Michael better than me? Why him? What is it that he has that I don't? Did I do anything wrong? Couldn't you see that I needed you? Why did you lie to me? Why did you use me? I loved you…I'll never be able to get over you. That's why I'm doing this. It's the only way. This is goodbye. When death rests my conscience and frees my soul, I wish you the best of luck with him. That way, I will no longer feel as if someone was twisting a thousand spears through my heart every time I see you try to impress him. You're beautiful. I wish you could see that. I wish you would stop trying so hard to be someone else.

- Mark.

Ironic, isn't it, how lust and ignorance go hand in hand?

Life is unfair, the saying is true, but high school relationships are a thousand times worse.

And despite popular belief, nothing is fair in love and war.

There were two deaths reported in the newspaper the next day; headlines blaring; Complex Love Triangle Blamed For Teen Suicides.

There will be always be someone who walks into your life, rips your heart out just for the sake of hurting you and testing your defences before they ride off into the sunset, whether you believe in that significant other destined for you or not. Not all soulmates live happily ever after. It's not always sunshine and rainbows or that Hollywood fairytale ending.

The bottom line is.

There are those you'd live for, those you'd kill for but who would you really die for?