Love is… so many times have people tried and failed to sum it up in mere words, for it is without limit, and its essence cannot be bottled up and released with ink, confining it to a page, where it can be gazed upon, day by day, and when not being looked at can be forgotten. No, that's not love. Love is more than that. Love is what you feel when she falls, and you're not there to pick her up. Love is what you feel when she flies, and you're not there to fly with her, to the moon and back, as you have done, so many times before, in your mind. Love is what you feel when she is truly happy. Love is what you feel when she sings, and there is nobody but you who can hear it. Love is what you hear when she breathes. Love is within every tear you weep as she leaves. Love is staring at where she was, long after she's left. Love is the hand that tightens round your heart, as you think of her. Love is the empty space behind your eyes, every moment that you're not with her. Love is the ache inside as you part. Love is jumping together… Love is knowing what she said, before she opens her mouth. Love is reading the language of the twinkle in her eye. Love is the breath that catches in your throat when she looks at you. Love is not the beginning, it is the end. Love does not exist, it IS. Love is whispering her name in your sleep. Love is being a thousand miles away, and still by her side. Love is a ticket to a better place. Love is a million times better than the best, and yet better than that. Love is not knowing where you're going. Love is the song your heart sings when you think of her. Love is stroking her hair, then realising that she's not even there. Love is when every second of every minute of every hour of every day and night belongs to her. Love is her arm around your waist. Love is her head on your shoulder. Love is her tears running down your face. Love is what stops the tears. Love is saying it's alright, and meaning it. Love is the little smile that plays across your lips. Love is the sigh that speaks more than a book. Love is her heat-beat being your world. Love is being able to do anything. Love is being completely powerless. Love is closing your eyes, and being with her. Love is not having the words. Love is not NEEDING the words. Love IS.

(Love is writing 463 wordsabout something you can't hide from.)