The Gilded Bead

The year 58 in the land of Sareta
Before the ruling dynasty of the Geirro
First recorded telling of the myth of the Gilded Bead at the Great Hall of Sareta

There is a bead, a simple bead like those used in the decoration of many of Sareta's citizens, that is said to hold the power of the Saretian crown in its tiny body. Small, no bigger than a thumbnail, it is gilded in gold with the markings of the house of Youino, the first emperor of the land.

It is said that no emperor may come into power without the Gilded Bead in his possession and if he does so without the Bead, then the time of his rule is unstable and ready to fall apart at the first sign of the rightful emperor, who does carry the Gilded Bead.

But the Gilded Bead is not so easy to acquire. A man cannot simply take the Bead for himself. It must be given to him from the hand of the Fire Dancer, a woman both chaste and seductive in her nature. She must give him the Bead of her own free will. Her judgment is final.

She is a being with the eyes of the Southern Desert and hair of fire. Her skin is pure and sun kissed and her movements graceful and smooth. The Fire Dancer is elusive and could be anyone among us. Look for her and win her heart and you will be Emperor. But beware her wrath, for her scorn will gain you nothing but solitude.

Beware the Gilded Bead, for even its keeper cannot go above its judgment. The rightful emperor must have a heart for the Bead to love, a mind for the Bead to respect, a strength of will for the Bead to guide, and a body for the Bead to use.

Should the Bead be lost, only one man can find it and its keeper…