A simple word is all it takes

To unleash the passion the world creates

With a single vicious phrase

A quarrel is struck to last many days


Feeding off of anger

Growing through attacks, ours in turn

Emotion rules the mind

Logic no more, as time will learn


Soon a monster is born

One that contributes to the fight

Soon all hearts will be torn

From their places amongst bitter night


I've saturated my heart

And poisoned your mind

Bitterness and revenge

Are running through my vein


This monster aches to sever ties

And thrives to sever bonds

Our friendship ends in lies

And, over our hearts, a stone shell is donned


I have run my anger dry

I wished that you would die

Soon my aching will be eased

With this throbbing disease


The silver shine of metal

Draws my hands to the trigger

The whistle of the kettle

Could have warned you of my shiver


Silently creeping,

Gently sneaking

I have found the perfect place to hide

Now I know you will die


Oblivious, you walk through the door

As you turn, I stalk you ever more

You lock the door and hear a shuffling on the floor

Turning, you see the anger that I bore


Your eyes land on the shine of metal

A squeal escapes your lips

You broke my heart when you tried to meddle

In secrets that never should have left my lips


Tears run down my angered eyes

The salty beads of fear saturate your cries

I've come to deliver my wish

Your screaming body, I am going to miss


The barrel clicks

Your time is done

To my mission I will stick

Maybe, you should run


You beg for your life

I do not care for your plea

My hand is ready to end my strife

I long to set myself free


With a loud snap, you go limp

Your life is gone

Suddenly I see your cold staring eyes

And I see the deed I've done


The gun drops from my hand

I'm shaking, no longer can I stand

I stole the life I truly loved

And I am condemned with this life I've drugged


The monster laughs now

All the days it's waited

I wipe blood from your brow

My anger is sated


Tears pierce through my cries

There is savagery in the monster's eyes

Now, too, I wish to die

I lift the metal as I cry


Now my life is gone, you see

I wanted for this to be

In life we were always far away

Now, in death, by your side I will stay