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Chapter Four: Bright Eyes

Lily stood out in the hallway almost immediately. When she walked, her hair bounced behind her in a ribbon of fire and her skin practically glowed. Yet Abigail who was fast friends with Lily stood at her side apprehensively like a child following their older sibling.

But Rosalynn was rather distant much like June. They were both very distant girls in their own particular way. June was an almost overbearing leader and Rosalynn could often be shy which was taken as an act of superiority and haughtiness. But both of them felt intruded upon by the gorgeous newcomer.

In fact, Kayla seemed the only reasonable one in the whole situation. She as well as Abigail, shared the same schedule with Lily so she was able to ask little questions now and then. She found out that Lily was from Colorado Springs and was living in Little Brooke (such an understatement. The town was huge.) because her mother had been transferred to a new branch of their law firm. It hadn't been as big on her dad because he was a free lance writer and enjoyed moving. But Kayla was neither over baring nor detached around her.

"Turn around bright eyes," Chris "Halo" Relic sang making Abigail jump.

Chris was one of those skater types with shaggy brown hair and green eyes, currently outlined in a black and blue mark from a boarding accident two days ago.

"Hey there, Mister Halo," Kayla replied as Abigail blushed. All five of the girls were passively lounging in the front lawn, eating lunch.

"Halo," Lily gasped, "You're names, Halo."

"So you guy are making friends with the new girl," Chris commented before going on. "They names Chris Relic. I hold the best recorded game of Halo around so my pals just call me Halo." He struck out his hand and shook her own with a broad smile plastered on his face.

"Its Lily," the red head finally said after a moment.

"I know," Chris tried to say in a sexy smooth sort of voice but Abigail nudged him.

"You're with me. You don't need to run off at other meat," she giggled stroking his cheek almost romantically before slapping it sharply. It wasn't a violent slap. It was her form of a loving gesture.

The girls all broke into fits of laughter as Chris waved good-by and headed for his boarding friends. But before they new it, a bell tolled and the kids began to leave the grounds leaving only the five girls on the lawn.

Lily stood up as if she too was leaving but the fact that none of them move gave her cause to sit back down. "Don't we have to be somewhere?" she asked almost nervously.

"If we were to go anywhere it would be to the half hour mass but we never go and I have some people to introduce you to. Second lunch will be here soon," June said.

Abigail let out a gasp. "You're not going to introduce her to Bobby are you?"

"I am," June smirked back

"I really don't want to see that punk again," Abigail whined.

"Yeah, June, It's a nice day, lets wait on this," Rosalynn finally said as Kayla shook her head in agreement.

"NO," June spat firmly. "I already arranged this with him during Chemistry. He's bringing Vix so be polite."

The kids that spilled out into the lawn first were rather cheer looking, bright eyed and carefree. A group of cheerleaders came first, then the jocks, and then the rich kids. But it took only a few minuets for the less renowned kids to show up.

"You rang, June," a sharp, cold voice spit out from the other side of the tree they were leaned up against.

"Yeah, I did," she shot back confidently. "Have a seat."

"Of course," the boy smirked rounding the leafy wall and taking a seat on the ground, followed closely by a girl no older than him but older then them.

Bobby was skinny and oily with his hair spiked and dyed orange while a pair of withdrawn blue eyes sat in the middle of his face.

Vix (short for Vixen) was from Brazil and showed it in her lax pose as she sprawled out on the ground, letting her black curls unfurl around her small face, framing her almond eyes.

"Hi," she said warmly and when she smiled she was Bobby's polar opposite.

"Hey," they said back. That is except for June whose eyes were fixed on Bobby.

June introduced them before Lily raised her voice. "I'd like to know what's going on." Her voice was filled with concern.

He smirked. "I'm the local…oddity." Bobby was trying to sound mysterious.

"His family traces back to a large group of gypsies in Spain who were renowned for their knowledge and stories," Vix explained in her smooth voice.

"They have been passed down to me, and I have been waiting a very long time to tell you the full stories," Bobby added with a near smile on his face. "Please, your crystals."

June had already removed hers and placed it in his open palm. Lily was cautious to do so as were Abigail and Kayla but Rosalynn removed hers from her neck and gently dropped it into his hand, slowly the other girls did the same.

Bobby handed two to Vixen as they both very meticulously examined each one.

"Good. Now what do you want to know?" he asked now staring at all five.

"Everything," the girls replied at once, making Vixen giggle into her hand.

"Very good," Bobby smiled before continuing. "Well, I'll start with Rosalynn's. The Earth Tear was forged by the god Pan. He gathered a leaf from every tree, dirt from every island, and petal from every flower then compressed them together to form this. If used properly it will manipulate these plants and flowers to your will." He handed back the tear and Rosalynn quickly clasped it back around her neck admiringly.

"Kayla, yes. The fire tear is the fiercest of its sisters. The Fire Tear is not forged from fire as you would expect but by the Hades using live magma. If you wished it, you could burn down every forest on the face of the earth on whim." He returned Kayla's Fire Tear who gladly placed it around her neck.

"The Air Tear. June. This was the tear forged to manipulate the wind. Selene, as most are unaware, loved the feel of the wind when she traveled the night sky. So she gathered up the wind, gave it strength, and turned it into the second tear of the Air," Bobby continued. But he did not hand hers back. Instead, he tossed in into the air half-hazardly and watched as it floated down around Junes neck as she leaned back against the tree.

"Abigail's Waters Tears next. Of course," he seemed to be shifting through everything in the back of his mind. "The water tear was forged by not a god but a sorceress, Circe, who had the tear stolen from her by Hermes who believed that it was far to powerful for a mortal to posses." When he was done and hesitated to give back her necklace, Abigail lunged forward and stole it away from him.

"Yes, a new addition. I've waited quiet a while to tell this story. The Spirit Tear was the first tear ever created by Hera. It was created by melting together a piece of five souls. They all know that it theirs was past down to them by family but that's not true. You see, the five pieces of their souls belonged to your own souls. The keeps of the five tears are reincarnations of the first five souls that went into the tears. The Spirit Tear holds these five pieces.

"It has been several centuries sense the tears have been reunited and you will soon find that the Spirit Tear is you greatest ally for it can magnify your magic. Be careful with this, Lily," Bobby said handing it back. "Now that you have been reunited, great evils will be after you."

"Great evil?" Lily questioned.

"Of course. You're a source of good and there are evils from demons to dark spirits who will know doubt be after you. Take care," Vix said braking her silence as they looked ready to leave.

"Wait," Abigail said as Bobby stood up. "Lily mentioned that we're supposed to protect something. What do you know of this?"

"I'm afraid that this I can not tell you but it has to do with the black dots in the center of your tears. It always has. I haven't the faintest however." He stood up and waved. "I'll see you around, Rose." He waved again and disappeared into the crowded grounds.

Abigail nudged Rosalynn. "So, you're going by Rose now."

"No," she exclaimed upset at the gesture.

"Sure," Kayla said with a giggle and even Lily laughed.

"Hush, all of you, we have other things to worry about. This is more serious than it seems." June let her eyes wander out over the sky as the others silenced.

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