Letting out the stress and letting out the steam

I'm pissed off, and I'm sorry if I'm being mean

The build up of emotion inside exploded on me

Nobody knows, nobody sees

Every word is a regret

Just something to get off my chest

I feel like a jerk

And I'm afraid everything won't work

Everything will crash all down into the end

And here we are, no longer friends...

I sit alone in a dark place, asking "Why the fuck did I do that?"

I wish that some one would just knock some sence into me, give me a slap

I try to appologize, I try to get your attention

But every time I try, a true thing pops out, a confession

A thought, a regret, and stupid thing that ends up killing out friendship

I feel like I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna slip

I'm falling down, into a deep dark hole

Labeled as a depressed little girl

A gun in my left hand and a note in the right

I close my eyes so everything and all is out of my sight

The trigger is waiting

And the note is shaking

Suicidle thoughts running through my mind

All those times you've been kind

And I've given nothing back to you

Why didn't I do that, and what can I do?

Alone now, no ones around...

What am I a clown?

"Fuck it," I mummble to myself

I pull the trigger, giving out a yelp

Shot down; dead

The world now dark and the floor all red...