Our generation has a great war
That no one knows we are fighting
It is the war of the mind

Being defined by
Spirituality, not religion

Individuality versus the world
And the world is winning
One gangbanger at a time
One suicide bomber at a time
One body at a time
One person at a time

And no one cares
Unless it's their religion
Their brother, their mother
Their murdered relative
Their war being lost
Their country being destroyed
Their money being wasted

For people who don't know who they are
We are acting more like individuals
And less like a community every day

A puzzle made of
A puzzle made of billions of pieces
Each piece tries to make its own shape
So the puzzle falls apart
Individuals lacking individuality
Means all the puzzle pieces look the same
So none of them fit
And the puzzle falls apart
And the world falls apart

When we spend all day pointing fingers
We let the night seep in

When we spend all our time
Letting others define us
We let the emptiness seep in

So the world is dark and empty
Because we make it that way

Because it's too hard
To take on the responsibilities
Of being an Individual
And too easy to let the world go to hell

So what if they threw a war and nobody came?
That's what's happening right now

Because no one is fighting