All our lives

We have been companions.

Constant at first.

Then we drifted apart.

In the start,

We were always together.

Happy, playful, and light.

Never taking anything too hard.

We laughed together

Screamed our joy

And our anger.

But then things shifted.

Time and space

Halted our happy reverie.

Reality called us

And we were forced to answer.

We grew and changed.

Our bonds matured.

Shifted and bent to what they are today.

Made us look through different eyes.

Sometimes, I think back to that time.

The strength and willpower,

The fun we all had

But then reality finds me.

Things change.

We have gone our separate ways.

But we are still connected.

Nothing can change that.

So now, as this day starts,

You are the first.

New chapters are opening in all of our lives.

They will be written,

In different ways,

But may we continue to write the chapters together.