Like Father, Like Son

(a story by madforfigs) – 2014.4.22


Do NOT read it if you're uncomfortable/sensitive to adult themes. No one's forcing you to, so please do not rant about not having a warning. I'd rather you DIDN'T read the FIRST SECTION if you have any hesitations now. SKIP DOWN TO THE NEXT SECTION.

October 7, 2012

His hold on me didn't loosen as I moved my lips over his, willing him to respond. I refused to open my eyes, in fear of seeing his pale blue eyes staring at me, uncaring and unemotional. His grip on my arm suddenly tightened and he pushed me back away from his body. I stumbled but Broderick held me up as our eyes met. "What are you doing, Cassia?" he growled, pushing me back. The back of my knees hit the mattress as I unwillingly sat on the bed.

"I'm not doing anything, Broderick." I shrugged, leaning my hands back behind me and crossing my legs as gracefully as I could. Even though I was trying to act as calmly as possible, my entire body was shaking. I could feel it. But if Broderick could see it, he wasn't commenting on it. Instead, he glared at me and took a step towards me, trapping my legs between his.

"Nothing?" Broderick questioned, crossing his arms. "I leave you alone for a few minutes and somehow you end up in my bedroom when you asked where the bathroom was. The directions I gave you shouldn't have brought you here, no matter how badly you fucked up. Now tell me, what are you doing here?"

I swallowed nervously and looked at the intimidating, dangerous man standing only a few inches away from me. I was forced to crane my neck at an uncomfortable angle to look at him, but I had to. Looking away from Broderick Moore was not an option at this moment. He needed to see me as confident and sure, not scared shitless.

"I…" I started, raking my mind for the right way to put this. I wasn't about to tell him that Die Mörder wanted me to bug his apartment so that the guys could hear everything that was going on. I knew they were listening in on this conversation right now and that more than likely, they were anticipating my order for them to move in. Broderick raised an eyebrow at me, waiting patiently for me to try and explain myself in a situation that seemed almost inexplicable.

"Well?" Broderick snapped, clearly getting more impatient with every passing second of silence. "Answer me, Lloyd."

"I want you." I blurted out quickly, lying blatantly through my teeth. It disgusted me to say it, but it seemed like the only plausible explanation as to why I was in his room. Simple curiosity wouldn't cut it and resorting to calling in Peterson was not something I wanted to do. I didn't want to be the reason Broderick would be killed. In order to save him from being shot by Peterson, I was giving myself to him and the very thought of it sickened me.

Broderick was quiet for a moment, mulling over my exclamation. The blood was roaring in my ears as his eyes stayed cold. He wasn't buying it one bit. I'd just rejected him not too long ago and told him not to touch me. It made no logical sense that I would be throwing myself at him out of the blue. Just when I thought I would crack and admit everything, Broderick suddenly placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down so that my back came in contact with the mattress.

He didn't make a move though. He walked closer to the bed so that his knees touched the mattress. His legs straddled mine, tensing around my knees as I was pinned down. "I thought you didn't want anything to do with me. Why the sudden change of heart?"

"It's called playing hard to get." I murmured. I was surprised at how well I was able to lie, given the current situation I was trapped in. There was no tremor in my words and my voice was shockingly confident, without a hint of fear. Maybe it was because I knew the guys would never let me get hurt. They had to be able to figure out the direction this was going; if they were paying attention, they had to be aware of what I was sacrificing for their sake. Nick, Danny and Garrett wouldn't let Broderick kill me.

But they would let me have sex with Broderick Moore, as long as it didn't compromise their mission.

Broderick sneered at me and suddenly leaned forward, grabbing my hands with his. My heart began racing as I closed my eyes, turning my head away from his. Dread filled my veins as I gripped his hands tightly. Broderick probably mistook my regret and disgust as desire as he pressed his hips against mine. "I should've figured as much." He muttered in my ear, biting it softly as his nose trailed down my cheek. Any suspicions he had were seemingly forgotten as his libido took over his actions.

Deep, shuddery breaths exploded through my body as I forced myself to enjoy the moment. Even if it was Broderick Moore nipping at my skin, it was difficult to get over the fact that I was sleeping with him only because I'd been caught in his bedroom. I wasn't about to have sex with him because I wanted to. It was the only way I could get out of his apartment without any bloodshed.

His hand reached down to my shirt, pulling up the material to reveal my body to him. He was going slowly, maybe thinking that I wanted to savor the moment. I had no idea. But I wanted this to be over. I didn't want to feel his fingers against my skin. I'd had sex before; it wasn't like I was a virgin by any means. But at least when I'd done it in the past, it was because I had wanted to and I wasn't using my body.

I forced myself to enjoy it though, as Broderick kissed his way down my body, fumbling with the button of my jeans. This was Broderick Moore, after all. He was still a movie star; he was still gorgeous. But despite all that, I still felt disgusted with myself; I felt dirty. I was letting him use my body however he wanted and I had no say in the matter. I couldn't risk him getting angry at me.

Not while he could revert back to that dangerous side of him in the blink of an eye.

I felt him clench my jaw as he'd done earlier, and forced me to look straight at him. I still refused to open my eyes though, much to his chagrin. His voice came out as a low growl as he snapped, "You're going to fucking look at me, got it?"

Obeying him, I slowly opened my eyes and took in the menacing face in front of me. Broderick wasn't the man I'd seen earlier. His eyes had darkened into a sinister shade of cobalt and the lust written all over his face actually terrified me. I'd never felt this scared in my life, not even when Die Mörder showed up at my home.

"Okay." I whispered hoarsely as Broderick smirked. He pulled away from me momentarily to toss off his shirt.

"Sit up." He snapped, pulling me up by my arm. I let him jerk my body up against him and my hands immediately landed against his hard chest. The contact woke up my senses as I stared at him, my lips parting. Broderick yanked at my jeans and I automatically began kicking them off to assist him with the motion. I wasn't sure what I was doing anymore. I was just going through the actions without putting any thought into it. Disconnecting my mind from sex would be the only way to get through this.

Even though I knew I didn't want him touching me, my body seemed to be reacting in the exact opposite way. My eyes snapped down to his hips when he began pulling off his own pants and tossed them behind him. His hard desire was hidden by a thin layer of boxer briefs and everything suddenly became so real. I really was about to have sex with him.

"If you try anything, I swear to God I'll kill you." He hissed before crushing his lips against mine. It was rough and hard as he took command, pushing my back down against the mattress. His hands gripped my hair tightly, to the point of pain. Tipping my head back and rolling his hips into mine, everything started to escalate so quickly. My body began to betray me as a warm tingle grew in my core. I moaned as his tongue licked deep into my mouth. Each drive of his hips kept me pinned beneath him; I was powerless to fight back, even if I tried.

Suddenly, his hand reached down to my panties, ripping them off my legs forcefully as he tossed it to the growing pile of clothes by the foot of the bed. Fingers rammed into me as I lifted my hips off the bed in pain. I cried out into the kiss, holding back the tears threatening to spill over. "Remember, you wanted this." He growled as he pumped into me. Broderick was careless with the most sensitive part of my body as he dug his fingers deep into me. The delicate tissue inside felt on fire, but not from lust and desire.

I had no option but to lay there and keep my eyes shut.

He abruptly pulled out, straddling me as he knelt above my body. "Bra. Off, now."

I obliged, reaching behind me as I undid the clasp. My arm automatically crossed my chest in an attempt to hide myself, but Broderick wouldn't have any of it. He grabbed my wrists in his hands and flipped me over. He yanked me further up the bed so my face was buried into the pillow. The mattress squeaked beneath me as he adjusted his weight, his hands sliding up my body from my waist.

The coldness of his hands made me shiver unpleasantly. Shouldn't sex be warm and intimate? The way Broderick held me, pressed himself against my body, it all felt so isolated and distant. Even if he was heavily aroused, as was emphasized by the hardness pushing against me, this moment just didn't feel right.

Broderick pulled my hips up, exposing myself to him. I didn't want to think about what was coming next. I wasn't an idiot though. His hand caressed my thigh, following my curves before reaching to the sensitive skin between my legs. Sliding his fingers over the slit, I flinched at the surprisingly gentle contact. He'd been too rough earlier that now, I was sure it was swollen with tears inside. Broderick moved away for a moment, but kept his hand where it was, probably to ensure that I wouldn't move away. When he pressed up against me, I jolted at the sensation of feeling his bare skin against mine.

This was it. He was about to take what I was unwillingly offering to him so I could get out of here without bloodshed. His knees slid between mine, spreading me to open up. Tensing up in anticipation, I buried my face into the pillow, wishing that I could black out for the next few minutes. I felt him stroke my slit, and my body began getting moist with desire. Sensing that he was passing that particular physical barrier, he gripped my hips tightly before shoving deep inside of me.

I screamed aloud, crying out in pain at the sudden penetration. Broderick wasn't gentle, not at all, as he rocked into me, pushing the limits of my body. With each hard thrust, he pulled my hips into him, allowing him to drive into me as deep as he could. I tried my best to disconnect myself, only letting out a small whimper of pain that he mistook for pleasure. I clenched my hands tightly into fists by my head, wishing that he would finish.

It never seemed to end. His skin would slap against mine, he would grunt, but hold himself back just so he could continue punishing me. I didn't know what he was waiting for until I felt his hands reach around my body for my bare breasts, kneading them roughly. "You're going to come, Lloyd. Only when you do, then I'll stop."

A broken sob wrecked through my lungs. Broderick was going to do this to me. He was going to take my body, my dignity, my pride and integrity. Broderick clearly didn't believe that I was in his room just to seduce him; he obviously knew I had ulterior motives and he was punishing me for it. If he was going to let me walk out of here alive, he was going to take something from me first. "Broderick…" I cried out, but he slammed into me once more to shut me up as my thought was broken by another scream.

"You know you want to." He hissed, his voice a deadly whisper as his chest slid along my back. His hot mouth was right by my ear, his tongue licking the outer shell. He continued to thrust into me, but slid a hand down to my apex, rubbing the already sensitive folds of my skin. The sensation was too strong as I collapsed onto the bed, only holding myself up by my elbows. "That's right baby. Fucking give it to me."

He was everywhere, in the worst sense ever. I wanted to fight off the growing desire because it proved to him that I was loving every second of him taking my body. I hated it though. I felt dirty, disgusting and used. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he'd managed to get me off, to give him the pleasure of touching me intimately. But this was my only way out.

Sucking up my pride, I forced myself to relax as my breath hitched when I felt the beginnings of an orgasm brewing in my core. Broderick clearly felt my insides clenching because he suddenly moaned, dropping his head against the curve of my spine. As he pumped deep inside of me, working his fingers outside, I knew I couldn't last long, despite my hesitations. I couldn't control my body; it was a natural reaction to the stimulation, or so I continued to repeat in my mind.

The tremors erupted from my core as I cried out hoarsely. Broderick suddenly stilled above me, shoving himself deep into my body as hot liquid poured into me. The force of his final thrust had lifted me off the bed, the throbbing pain coursing all the way up my body as he squeezed his hands around my breasts far too tightly. Thankfully, I was too weak to elbow him in the face but ashamed didn't even begin to cover what I was feeling.

I'd allowed myself to feel pleasure despite the fact that I hated the way he felt inside of me. The pain didn't diminish as he pulled out of me, smacking my rear with his palm as he rolled off my body. "Thanks for that." He said as I laid there, naked on his bed. I was exposed to him in the worst way possible and I knew there was no way I was coming back from this.

Rolling over and covering myself with my hands, I scooted off the bed to collect my clothes. Broderick seemed too concerned with getting dressed to get me to stay and I welcomed the distraction. When I had straightened out my clothes, I moved towards the door, hoping to make a quick escape. But a hand grasped my wrist and pulled me back into a hard chest. "You're fucking lucky that I wanted to fuck you the moment you showed up at my door." He snapped. "But I'm not done with you – come one last time, then I'll let you out the door. If you don't, you're not leaving."

He slammed me back, pressing my cheek into the wall with his elbow. A dull throbbing attacked my head, but I couldn't do anything as he yanked my jeans down my hips. Fear consumed me; he'd already taken what he wanted. What else could he possibly take from me? My sex was already tender and torn from his brutal thrusts. I couldn't last one more time.

Before my body was even remotely close to ready to accept him inside, he thrust into me, the dry friction compelling me to scream loudly. This time, the tears didn't stop flowing as the blinding pain wrecked me. "You were the one who said you wanted this; you could have just told me the goddamn truth and we could have avoided all of this. I didn't want to hurt you, Lloyd, it was never my intention. You brought this upon yourself. Whoever you're protecting, I hope it was fucking worth it because they're not the ones paying the consequences." He snapped.

Sobs tore through my body as he viciously tore at me. The first round had only been emotional turmoil, but this was something else. He was furious, angry and hurtful. How had my life come to this? That was all I could think about as Broderick thrust into me over and over again, It was because of Die Mörder – all of whom were listening to me getting raped by this monster because of a mission they sent me on.

Finally, I felt my body submitting to his. A painful wave crashed over me, the shameful orgasm wiping my mind clear as I collapsed into his arms. Broderick finally came with a low moan, biting down hard into the curve of my neck, sucking hard. I bit back a cry and simply shut my eyes. "There." He muttered, stepping back as he adjusted himself and then me. "Tell your boss that I very much enjoyed fucking you, and that I thank them for sending you to me." He leered.

I didn't have to tell them. They could hear every word of it.

Gathering the fragments of my dignity, I walked out of the room, closely followed by Broderick. He didn't want me wandering off somewhere else, but he also knew I wouldn't dare to. I didn't want to go through that again. I threw everything into my bag and hoisted it over my shoulder, wiping the tears away from my eyes.

I heard his footsteps follow me to the front door. But I refused to glance back at him. I didn't say a word before slipping out the door, slamming it shut behind me. I wasted no time to wallow in my own tears. I simply allowed the tears to flow as I pressed the call button repeatedly, willing the elevator to arrive quicker. The doors finally opened and I scrambled in, leaning against the back wall as the car began its descent.

When I reached the ground floor, I did my best to maintain my composure, to forget about what had just happened. That was when it struck me as I waved goodbye to the doorman. There was one stop I had to make before heading back to New Jersey. I didn't know where anything was located around here, so I intended on asking Danny for help and hell if he was going to deny me this privilege.

I stalked over to the van and car, that were now parked next to one another. Before I could get there, the front driver door opened and Danny came flying out, a wild look in his eyes. "Cassia, what the hell?" He shouted, pulling me tightly into his arms. I flinched at the touch, shaking and trembling beneath him. "Why the hell did you do that?" he whispered, banding his arms around me as he soothingly stroked my hair. "You should have said something, let Peterson take care of it. Why, Cassia?"

I sniffled, the tears nonexistent despite the fact that the agony was shredding me into unmanageable pieces. "I took care of everything." That was the longest sentence I was capable of forming as I buried my face into his chest, tears wetting the soft fabric of his shirt. That was when the thought struck me. "Only the four of you heard it, right? Please tell me none of you listened to the whole thing."

The silent hesitation caught me off-guard. When I tipped my head up to look at him, I saw that look on his face – one that just screamed he wasn't telling me something. "Danny, tell me. Please."

Danny groaned, squeezing me tightly. "Nick and I stopped listening. Garrett and Peterson had to keep listening. But um…" Danny coughed before sighing. "Nick was responsible for transmitting the sound files to the other guys. And uh. They all heard."


It was enough that they heard me, but now I would have to go back to my own home knowing that every single one of them had heard me getting violated. Including Lance. Oh God. I already felt humiliated and ashamed by what I had allowed to happen. Having Lance hear all of… having anyone else hear it… was more than I could bear.

"Lloyd." Another voice snapped from behind me. Turning slowly in his arms, I saw Peterson coming up to me with a look on his face that could scare away the devil. "What the fuck were you thinking? You should've called me in." That was when he did the last thing I ever thought he would do. Wrenching me away from Danny, Peterson wrapped his arms around me, practically suffocating me. Never for a second did I think this moment would come.

But I was still too broken to understand how big of a moment this was.

"Peterson?" I mumbled.

"Yeah?" he said softly, genuinely expressing concern for the first time since I'd met him. "What do you need?"

"Can you take me to the closest pharmacy?"

Peterson looked down at me in confusion, before a dark expression clouded over his face, furrowing his previous concern. "That fucking rat bastard." He cursed, slowly guiding me to the car. "I'll get it for you. I saw a Duane Reade across the street. I'll be right back." Without another word, he sprinted down the street as I got into the car, hugging my knees to my chest as I waited for him to return.

I was still throbbing in pain and couldn't stop the noticeable wince, when I'd intended on concealing it after I saw Nick heading towards me. I hated the way they were all looking at me – a look full of pity and guilt. It made me feel weak… that I'd actually done something shameful. As coldhearted as they were, they would never treat me the way they used to ever again. Something changed today, and now I needed to be handled with kid gloves despite the fact that I could easily assume that one of the men had done the same. More than likely, it was probably Lance. But the difference was that he was made for these; I was not. I wasn't a murderer, an assassin. I was just a college kid thrown into the underground world of violence and conspiracies. I didn't belong here.

I watched as Danny put a hand on Nick's chest, muttering a few words to him. Nick's eyes concentrated on his friend as they exchanged words and Nick finally sighed, throwing his hands up in the air. He cast me one last look, but I couldn't meet his eyes. Facing the window, I leaned my forehead against the cool glass, wanting to forget about everything that had happened.

I'd succeeded, sure. But what did I get out of it? Nothing. I didn't feel better about myself; I didn't benefit in any way, shape or form. All that happened was that I'd allowed Broderick Moore to fuck me without any consideration. I shut my eyes, just wanting to go home and take a shower to scrub myself clean. But no matter how long I cleansed myself, I knew I could never wash away the feeling of him inside of me.

There was nothing more in the world I wanted than to vanish. But shutting my eyes and muttering words under my breath wasn't enough. On Monday, I still had to go back to school and face my friends, pretending like nothing was wrong. I groaned when I remembered that. My professors had already pulled me aside, asking about what was going on in my life. How was I supposed to explain that the inevitable GPA drop was because I'd been enlisted by a group of mercenaries to bug the apartment of an Academy Award winning actor, before getting raped by said actor?

It was so utterly ridiculous that even I wouldn't believe it had happened.

Someone knocked on the window of the car, causing me to flinch considerably, flying back. Panic was written all over my face as I curled away from the window and towards the middle console. Paranoia was, without a doubt, now at the forefront of my mind. Peterson was there though, and I relaxed, pushing the door open as he squatted in the open space with a plastic bag. "Here." He thrust the bag into my lap.

I opened it, glancing inside and my heart twisted when I saw what was inside. Peterson had picked up the morning after pill for me, a bottle of water, aspirin and a bar of chocolate. The gesture was so kind that I found myself seconds away from crying. With the tears moist in my eyes, I dropped the bag on the ground and threw my arms around him, squeezing tightly. "Thank you." I muttered over and over as he sighed, returning the embrace.

"I know I'm an ass, Cassia." He said after my sobs had subsided. "But there's a line I'd never cross, and this is it. I would never hurt you. Not like this."

I nodded slowly. "I know. I know. Can you just… please take me home?"

"Of course. Take the pill now, and follow it by the aspirin. It'll help with the pain. I never wanted this to happen, Cassia. Believe me."

"I believe you. Let's just…"

Peterson nodded in understanding. "I'll tell Danny."

The door shut behind me as I picked up the bag off the floor. Since Die Mörder moved in, I'd never wanted to go home more than I did at this moment.

I slipped up the stairs, not wanting to run into anyone. All the guys knew about it, and having to face Danny and Peterson were enough for now. I had no desire to talk about it so I sprinted up to my room, clicking the door shut behind me.

Heaving deeply, I slid down the door, dropping my forehead to my knees. I needed a shower, but I was too tired to pull myself across the hall. That was when I heard it – the deafening slam of the front door. "Jack." A familiar voice screamed out and I could hear the distant sound of people shuffling around downstairs. My curiosity piqued and I cracked open the door just a little, physically incapable of creeping towards the corner. "Jack, where the fuck are you?"

"Right here, Lance. What's going on?" Jack's smooth, emotionless voice responded.

"What the fuck is going on? I should be fucking asking you that. I told you not to fucking send her in there." Lance snapped. "You know as well as I do that Moore is an insane bastard."

"We got the information we needed, didn't we? We have ears on him at all times. That was the point of sending her in. She did it. What's your problem, Lance?"

"My fucking problem is that you can sit there and be okay with the fact that he fucking raped her. That wasn't part of the original plan. You said she wouldn't get hurt."

Silence fell over as no one spoke. I could only assume that the others were doing their best to distance themselves from the escalating confrontation between father and son. It wouldn't surprise me to know that things frequently erupted with the two of them, but something told me that it was never because of another human being.

"You're just upset." Jack said after a moment, in an attempt to placate his son. "It's part of the job – you and I both know that. People are going to get hurt, but it's for the greater good. Lloyd can hold her own; that's the only reason I even considered sending her in. If she's anything like her parents, nothing could faze her."

My parents? How the hell did they even know what my parents were like? Sure, it was obvious to anyone who knew them firsthand that they were as tough as nails. But how did Die Mörder know? I didn't have time to mull over it though. Lance's voice was already cutting through the air like a sharp knife. There was an edge that I'd never heard before… not even when he had been forced into the job as babysitter.

"Fuck all of that, Jack." Lance shouted, something slamming loudly against a hard surface. The sudden snap surprised me, causing me to jump backwards and slam into the wall I was crouched against. I cursed silently, slapping my hand across my mouth. The thud was not subtle; more than likely, everyone in the house had heard it. But if they had, no one seemed to give a shit. Their attention was focused solely on the burgeoning confrontation. "She doesn't deserve any of this shit. Fuck, she doesn't even know why she did what she did. You and I both know that we're lucky Cassia didn't throw us under the fucking bus; after all, we've all been treating her like crap under our shoes when in fact she's anything but that."

By now, my heart was pumping. Adrenaline was streaming through my body. But more importantly, that now familiar and strangely warm sensation tingled my nerves. Lance was defending me. Me. For weeks, I was nothing more than crap under his shoes, as he had so eloquently worded just moments ago. Now, Lance had become my savior in so many ways.

Things had transpired between us so quickly, especially after the one night we'd spent together. Even in the arms of a murderer, I felt comfortable and safe. Now with him defending me against a man who oozed danger and uncertainty, Lance was making me rethink every one of my thoughts about him.

"Oh, God." Jack suddenly laughed, the sinister sound sending chills down my spine. "Don't go soft on me now, Lance. What the fuck's changed in the past month?"

"Nothing's changed." Lance retorted. "I just have a fucking issue with the way you treat her as a disposable object rather than a human being."

"Don't give me that." Came Jack's curt response. "You've never given a shit about anyone before. All of a sudden, you come out here and you gain a fucking conscience? Where's the man I'd been preparing to take over for me? As far as I'm concerned, that Lance Muller wouldn't have batted an eyelash."

"That was before you tossed a fucking innocent bystander into the middle of this mess. She doesn't deserve this. I know it, you know it… all of us know it."

It wasn't difficult to imagine the incredulous look on Jack's face as he laughed aloud. "All of you know it? So what now, you think you let some little girl into your life and everything we've been working for suddenly works itself out? She's in the fucking middle of all of this, not a bystander, Lance. Get that straight. Today was for her wellbeing."

"No, it wasn't. It was for yourself, Jack. And you know what? This conversation is over. I'm second only to you and right now, I'm fucking telling you that we're leaving Lloyd out of this shit. I will never send her out into the field again and I swear to fucking God, if you do it without my permission, I'll be sure to initiate a second vote."

I had no idea what this so-called second vote was, but I had a feeling that it had something to do with possibly undermining Jack's authority. Why was Lance doing this on my behalf? Fighting for me against his father?

My head was spinning – spinning faster than it ever had in the past. I had to get out. I'd never felt so suffocated in my life. Everything had happened so quickly, I still hadn't wrapped my head around today's events. I didn't want to think about it; I didn't want to think about anything. All I knew was that I had to get out.

But my body couldn't move. I had nowhere to go, even if I did want to escape. I couldn't tell my friends I'd been raped. I couldn't go downstairs and seek the comfort of any of those guys, because as much as they cared earlier today, they still had more important things to deal with. My brother was miles and miles away, leaving me here… all alone in a place I could no longer call my home.

Author's Note

I needed to crank something out. So this is what I have. I'm sorry it took so long, I'm sorry it's so short. But it's all I have for now so that I can move on to the next chapter. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any of the notebooks I scribbled outlines in for my stories so I don't remember what I had planned D: I will get them next time I go back to my parents'. For now, I'm running off of pure memory which so isn't working too well with me right now, heh.

Anyway, yeah, this chapter is a little controversial and maybe a little out of the box. But a lot of people seemed to assume this would happen, and readers who have read my other works knew that I'd be getting into graphic detail because of the nature of my other writings. And for all those wondering... dun, dun, dun. Lance's response will be made in the next chapter. I just really want my notes back so I don't divert from my original path.

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