What happened you say?

To the one with the mask

Who lived in the shadows

And had a dark past


Who loved her beauty

Her voice and her song

Who wished her to be with him

Yet now she is gone


Let me tell you the tale

Of after the fact

Of the Phantom who killed

Whose face was abstract


He loved her, oh yes

But she could not live with he

Now I'm changing the play

For both mine and his glee


When Christine had gone with her lover

And sorrow of Phantom's proved true

He found a world might love him

So to the world he flew


In the darkness of night

He sang a song without meaning

With love for the one

Whose beauty he was now dreaming


No song did she sing

Her soul carried a trouble

For her past was weighed also

Seemed memories of rubble


One night did she sit

Moonlit in the darkness

Her gold hair in tangles

Her heart in distress


Then he sang her a song

Of beauty, of devotion

And took hold of her heart

Said that she was his motion


In the end she found love

Where once was a scar

And he found a lover

Who cared not if his face was bizarre


They vowed then words of agreement

To love and to care

For ever and always

In happiness or despair


So this be the true tale of that Phantom

Who looked for acceptance

And found hate

Despite his brilliance


But worry no longer

For he now has found what he sought

A person to love

And for looks cares not


Once a phantom now a man

Once a killer now a lover

Once in hiding now in happiness

Once deceiver now in truth he hover