To my friend: You are the squeaking mass of evilness and I hate you. A mix of everything that you do that gives me a headache or makes me annoyed with you for a second or so.

I got up like every morning at 6: somethingAM. I took my morning shower, got dressed and all that jazz. It was wet out so I guessed that it had rained last night and it looked like it was about to rain again. I didn't think about any of my friends but thinking of random non evil stuff. I got to the school and went to the gym where I sat for a good 20 minutes or less with two of my best friends. When the school bell rang I got up with the rest of my friends and walked to our lockers. I got my book and stuff for first hour. I went to my classroom which is vary close to my locker. I went into my first hour, set my stuff down and traveled into the hall outside of my classroom where another best friend was with her boyfriend talking in a weird looking up thing that gives me a headache just watching them. It looks painful. I went back in the classroom after the warning bell rang… well I waited for my friend to kiss her boyfriend then we advanced to the classroom. Right when we walked into the classroom she was not my friend anymore! She was turned into the "Squeaking mass of EVILNESS!" I didn't notice her change until it was too late. We were at my desk. I was sitting and she was standing on the carpet that was near my desk. She then realized that if she twisted her feet the right way on the cement she could make a squeaking noise. She waited until it was quiet between us before stepping off the carpet and twisting her feet to make the noise. I froze and glared at her feet. She continued this annoying sound for about… when I snapped at her to stop. The squeaking mass of evilness didn't listen until I commanded her to the carpet for the rest of her life. The squeaking mass of evilness shook her head at me and sat on this thingy of chairness near my desk; "stool" is what most people call it. Someone whom I am not friends with, but talk to randomly, put in a CD in the CD player that was behind me… a rock CD. I like rock. Rock is good and rock is yummy. But then the squeaking mass of evilness started to sing. It's not that the squeaking mass of evil has a bad voice. It's the opposite. But she knows every song! I was nearly banging my head against the desk. I had to keep telling her to shut up. I had to forbid her to ever listen to music again. She did not listen to me.

The Next Day

It rained again and I still didn't think again of my friends. I did the same thing as yesterday. I sat at my desk, my friend and I were talking then I heard the squeaking noise.

The End

By: Casey Bailey