Dreamly Manners

Can you see in the shadows of all my dreams that there's a figure that loves to grin at you? He knows what you are to me and he knows what I am to you, and he's just so smart and he's just so keen.

He knows all my secrets and he knows all my lies, and he sees right through everything I try to disguise.

He knows all the times when I'm thinking about the dark side and he knows whenever I'm swallowed by the lighter side. He's the shadows in my dreams and nightmares, like a perfect being at a circus fair.

But he's nothing, he's nothing, he's nothing to me. He's everything, everything, everything in my dreams and he's significant and he's priceless. But when I wake up he's useless and gone and I don't need him on me and he's not and I don't even care, I don't care, I don't care.

It's then when he's no longer my ever-clever friend, but an enemy I can't avoid and a man I've betrayed.

Then he's sour and he's sore and he hurts me more and more and all my pleasant sleeps are filled with heavy chained nightmares and I cry and I cry and I die and he laughs, because all of this is something he sees pass.

He knows when these tears roll down it's just blood from veins that have chosen to erupt, he realizes all my observations of my dream world have left me a twisted little girl and the best way to punish is to reward so he slaps my body down on an iron board.

He tears me up and takes out everything I ever loved and laughs and I laugh as I cry and we both understand and comprehend why.
.............and I wake and I shake in the boots I'm not yet wearing
..............and I smile and in awhile
I'm back to making him into nothing again.