Perfect Girl

She is this wonderful person and I have known her for years. She's so perfect in everyway. She wears wonderful but modest outfits that flatter her every perfect curve just so. She wears her hair just so every lock is perfectly curled to just the right degree. Her voice is not too high pitched and not too deep, but just the perfect tone to send chills up and down your spine.
Her eyes open to the perfect slit every time and her makeup is not loud but still just perfect to make her already flawless skin divine. She paints her nails and never the skin around them, always using smooth perfect strokes that make them look ideal. Her ears are a perfect not too round not to pointy shape and her earrings always match her outfits.
Her lips are smooth and never peel or chap, and her eyebrows are perfectly plucked every second of her life. She always washes her hair with just the right shampoo so it smells gently wonderful. She doesn't have to wear perfume but sometimes she does when she finds just the most divine fragrance that she must try it on and it always smells perfect on her.
Each of her breasts is of perfect shape and size and her mind is pure of all perverse thoughts other girls can't quite shoo away. She's every mother's dream daughter and every father's sacred jewel
Every boy she's ever met has fallen in love with her, and every girl she's ever met has gracefully admired her. She's outgoing and honest and doesn't frown when she should be happy and doesn't smile when she shouldn't be happy.
She's never too early and she's never too late, and she always knows what to say at all the right times to all the right people.
She always keeps her cool, she never gets mad and she never cries unless she cries beautifully, with pale cheeks and a pale nose and not too puffy eyes.

But I've known her for a long time and I know something about her no one else does, a deep dark secret that of course she has to have or she wouldn't be human and she wouldn't be my friend.
When she gets home almost everyday she closes the bathroom door and she puts the phone on speaker and dials my number and she sobs.
And her makeup runs and her voice cracks and her clothes flop and her face turns red and she smells like snot and her nose runs and her eyes swell and her hair knots and her nail polish chips and her earrings go crooked and her ears turn red and her lips chap and she thinks impurely and her timing is off and for once she's really, truly honest. Just for me.

She is this wonderful person and I have known her for years.

I find it sort of amazing, that this was actually writtenin an IM conversation (still all by me, I was waiting for the person to get back).