This is for anyone reading this who was at and involved the April event. And for the PCs, I am really really sorry if you don't like how I wrote your characters. (Well actually… that's kind of true. I like how I portrayed Jesse's character, though I'm pretty sure he's gonna kill me once he reads it) The story is completely fictional, and I'm sorry if I got a few things wrong, out of order etc. It's also completely from my point of view, so keep that in mind too. Also, most of the confrontations are over exaggerated. Yeah, so… I apologize for all the inaccurate scenes, but this was just for fun. I just hope you enjoy it; I had a blast writing it as well. Just tell me what you think if and when you get a chance. See y'all whenever.


From Soliqua's Journal

The rain is comforting, I've always thought so. And now as I sit here in this dim room and write in this old worn book, I can watch it slide down the window, preventing me from seeing the forest at the edge of town. I am thankful for that, for I have no wish to have the forest as the last thing I see before I sleep.

My travels have brought me here, to this small town at the edge of this forest. I have no idea what made me come, but I have never questioned fate, although it has never been an ally of mine. Instead, it creeps behind me, waiting for its chance to strike and strike hard.

And now, sitting here, I believe that something is starting, an adventure of sorts. What other reason could there be for the strange occurrences that have happened this night and in the past weeks?

Tonight I reached this town, soaking wet from the rain, and entered this tavern looking for a room and a hot meal. It's not much, this place, just another town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by an old wood. And as I ate my meal, a young man walked over to my table and sat uninvited.

His name is Zell, a rogue and by my own guess, a thief. He wore only black, and in the dim light of the tavern, it concealed him rather well. A young human he is, crafty and my few questions were answered with short, vague answers that gave away little.

He asked many questions, mainly about where there was gold to be found. Like me, he didn't appear to have much more than what he had on him. I wondered where he'd come from, and where he was headed. My assumption was that he was looking for treasures, but as he was a young human, I wondered how long he'd been on his own. For most travelers and wanderers were on their own for most of their lives.

I absently told him about the forest right outside of the town. I'd overheard a few men in the tavern talking about it and I told him what they'd said. The forest was cursed, and something was causing the animals to grow restless and uneasy. But there was also the rumor of plenty of gold, enough to keep me supplied for a long while.

Because I was enjoying his company, I never thought that he would then go out to the forest. But that was his intention, to head out first thing and find these treasures I had told him of. So now this young rogue will be journeying into the heart of a cursed forest because of my information.

And because of his decision, I have decided that I'll go with him, so that at least I won't deal with a guilty conscious, for if the rumors are as bad as the travelers said, it is not a good idea to go in alone. It's not a good idea to go in at all actually. For my biggest fear is going in and not coming out whole again.

Many adventurers have come to this area because of the trouble in the woods. There was rumor of the Druidic Circle taking an interest in the matter and I overheard that one of the wealthy pirates was in the area, although what would a pirate want with the troubles of the land…?