From Soliqua's Journal

As Sigrun said last night at the tavern, I've had one hell of an adventure in the past couple of days, spending all my time with an eccentric group of travelers like myself and fighting against an evil sorceress while my companions conspired against me and almost got killed by a rogue I had merely tried to help.

I lost everything I owned, not much I know, but the little that I did, including my journal. This one is new, and stolen, but will do for now. So all of my wanderings up to now have been lost. I guess I will have to start over with this being the first. It's a good start to say the least.

With no money, I don't know where I'll head next. The Captain told me about a Morovian lord that might be able to help me out, so I'll probably head north to find him. The Count Boris Romanovich is said to be found in a bar called the Wet Wood Inn. Appealing name.

Gryff is moving on, she saved this forest, and now returns to the Druidic Circle to continue her work in other areas of this world. Maybe I will meet up with her again somewhere. You never know.

Anton was headed out towards the Western Sea to find work. Despite being a half orc now, he should be able to find some work to make back some of his losses. There's always jobs open down by the ocean. He offered to bring me with him, but I thanked him for the offer and turned down the offer.

The Captain, who really is a nice guy once you get to know the real him is probably headed down the port cities to look for a new ship. His old one is still rubble near the entrance to the tomb.

No one knows what will happen to Sigrun. Gryff laughed and said that she was probably going to hunt after Lamia and destroy the heart. I wish her luck with that because it won't be an easy task.

As for Zell, he disappeared sometime last night after Anton was done yelling at him. No one knows where he went or where he was headed, and we doubt we'll ever see him again. I for one, if I ever see him again, will probably kill him.

But now I think it's time for me to move on as well. I'm going to head out on the main road and make my way north to this Wet Wood Inn. Hopefully I can get some help form this Count and go back to traveling as always. But until then, I'm weaponless and broke making my way through a dangerous world.