I am pained and hurting;

You are my antidote.

I need a dose of your love, Baby;

Inject a needle into my vein and release into me your serum.

You drown out the sound of the tormenting thoughts of demons in my mind,

Pointlessly racing, spinning out of control…

But with thoughts of you, everything slows and fades away,

Leaving my mind calm.

You are helping me to heal.

I see your face and my heart leaps…

I can feel internal darkness turn to light;

You bring me back to life.

You are my cure-

Easing my tension

When you hold me in your arms…

Don't let go of me, please…

Just a little longer

(Than forever)

You turn my hatred to hope,

My anger to aspirations,

My frustrations to rest.

You are everything I need;

You are my antidote.