we sat on my window sill as the light
settled in the corners of our eyes
shutting our brains down for the night
and tucking away the last remains of
the summer afternoon water fights and
weed dripping from our toes into my drain
and its one of those days, we wont ever have
back again. but when our kids sit on
our dressing table and our pay reaches double
figures, we'll look back into our tired eyes
looking in the mirror, and realise who we
once were- wonder if we're capable of it

once more. second scar on my right
thigh will always lead me back to that
night I melted inside you sticky and
clumsy like chocolate ice-creams on beaches
(the ride home was always the best)
and then dripped back out bit by bit
rearranged, but you stayed the same
while I got changed. and then we went our
separate ways; drifted apart like dandelion
seeds in autumn winds- to become nothing
more then Christmas cards and the grin
after dazeddreams.