Whirling around in Paradise

white silk lilies in our hair

surrounded by every wish we could imagine

ignoring perfection, no desires in our hearts

we're so wrapped up in ourselves

that we don't even notice

the smoke rising around us

too busy twirling around to realize

Paradise is burning.

The crystal trees are melting

flaming leaves raining down

our feet fly over them on the grass

and we don't realize

our Paradise is burning.

Fire reflecting in our eyes

as we spin downward

into a blaze of numb satisfaction

whirling too fast to heed the signs

that Paradise is burning.

Flames leap brilliantly from wish to wish

snaking around careless whims

all of our hopes descend to ash

Paradise is burning.

Angels take flight on blistered wings

fleeing back to the Heavens

but we're far too caught up

in distracting ourselves from the fact

that we have nothing left to desire

and we can't hear the Angels crying out

"Get out, escape now!

Get out of Paradise!

Paradise is burning."

We finally take notice

when the smoke starts burning our eyes

and we're standing in the center of it all

as our fairy tale goes up in flames

helpless on our throne of ignorance

cloudless skies turn blood red

ember stars twinkle madly with sinister joy

because Paradise is burning

Wisps of smoke spiraling higher, higher

red and orange desires blaze tall

shrieking of temples of jewels and shrines of gold

of stone goddesses in gardens of perfection

who watch from their perch with frozen horror

as they see their kingdom go up in flames

Paradise is burning.

Clear blue water boils and churns

and field upon field of exquisite flowers

that we never stopped to admire

are consumed one elegant unnoticed petal at a time

such beauty wasted and destroyed

all because we noticed too late

that Paradise is burning.

And we know we'll be forgotten

as will our wishes and hopes

too easily fulfilled, too easily destroyed

no lesson will be learned, no horror remembered

any memory of us will go down in flames

for Paradise is burning down.