Here's to dancing in the moonlight

with the ghosts of our frozen pasts

Going down with the fatal classic

this toast will be our last...

Here's to the dust and cobwebs

that cover this once grand room

We better keep on dancing

for we're dancing towards our doom

Here's to the skeleton band

that played for us all night long

Our heads held high in our last hour

Smiling and nodding to our death song

Here's to the broken hourglass

as it bleeds away life's sand

Just as predicted, one by one,

the glasses slip from our hands

Here's to the forbidden couple

the stars of our last night.

Holding hands, they fall to the floor

the girl in her gown of white.

So here's to dancing in the moonlight

as ghosts of our frozen pasts

We went down to that fatal classic

this toast has been our last...