Find the rewind button

Bring me back to that ledge

I didn't realize my mistake

Til I was flying off the edge

Everything overwhelmed me

I finally let myself break

This final crack and I shattered

It was more than I could take

I remember standing on the windowsill

Thinking of what you had done

You tried to break me and control me

I guess this means you've won

My world was spinning too fast

Can't recall when it started to turn

This isn't how the fire started

But this is how we burn

And as the rain started to fall, softly at first

I wondered when I had lost my grip

and as the rain came harder and faster

I still didn't know, even as my fingers slipped…

I hear the screams I held back

they've been waiting in my head for years

All your lies and poison secrets

again echo in my ears

My fingers scramble wildly

for a ledge now far away

Soon I'm gonna leave this world

and now all I want is to stay

The concrete soars up to meet me

And I accept as I close my eyes

that this mistake can't be undone

So I spread my arms and fly...