Step, step, step

Flow, flow, flow

Go, with the sound of the music

Sing with the song of your horror

Dance, with your fate at your side


Laugh, laugh, laugh

Sing, sing, sing

Continue, till your death comes

Understand, pain becomes you


Nightmare, is what I am

Take, my hand I give to you

Stay, and perhaps you will live

Dance, your feet are sore

Fate, of love if only you stay


Resist, do not or you will die

Accept, farther you will go

Become, you will be mine

Transform, you will stay safe


Stop, it is time you went

Come, you will stay with me

Free, unless you choose to go

Love, for me and me only


So what do you choose?

Life, or death?

To dance forever, until Reaper takes thee

Or follow me, to the world

To the world

To my world…