"Cease To Be"

By: onyxdragonflyy, Dragons Willow, & Mienaku

(poem can be found on all 3 sites)

Later martyrs that have passed me not, believe in the folk tales that liars forgot

Their tongues twisted so, relinquishing the blow, that smothered alive is better off dead

Wait for me not, my prince said of thieves, for your time to come to speak of these deeds

Further the twisted and tattered up truths, for bodies of beloved can provide no proof

The wasted youths of greed bring not, that petty quarrel, the sane have sought

For now this reign loose tongues embowel, a bitter sweet scent, a history most foul

Unending despair most sheltered with fraught, guards hearts against lies that the old have taught

Withering vines taste of this fruit, to teach of the voice that the blind would be mute

Barren this and bled of musk, the eyes sink back in a land amidst dusk

Hidden, begotten, what lies to be forgotten, caters to hearts of those not rotten

Like love that can die, and pride that can hide, hope is a valley that's drunken till gone

Believe in me, my prince said of thieves, for who else if nothing can relinquish these deeds

Trust the beheaded, leave no understanding, this child of death and destruction unending

We beat our chests, dance with deadly intentions, but bring not forth a world with no superstition

Come to an end foul reign of bloodless banter, open my wounds to embowel this my soul hungry enchanter

Condemnation of lust to break of the ties, beneath burdens of truth kept within lies

ondmntion of lust to break of the tie, beneath burdens of truth kept within lies

Soul full of stench decaying and rotted, trapped by the hearts of the heavily besotted

Martyrs of youths of princes have sought, yet cage within the mind that death hath wrought