This new person in your heart,

Has blinded you from all the rest.

He has hidden you from his flaws,

All you see is his best.


I have screamed to you,

Trying to yell truth to your deafened ears.

My face has turned blue

From all my flowing tears.


You let him run

Over your domain.

The tortured scream of music

Is all that keeps me sane.


He beats me into silence

I've been screaming in my head.

When you leave, he traps me in a room,

By God, how I wish he was dead.


I've returned to my old habit,

After all the years of therapy.

I trap myself like a rabbit,

Inflicting my bloody cuts.


It feels to me a dream,

A figment from my nightmares.

You never hear me scream,

Your blind, even to my shirt's tears.


Tonight, you leave the house

I beg you not to go.

Now I am the mouse,

Staring into his eyes of indigo.


I flee from the room,

As you enter the car.

I want to feel the safe gloom,

He will open up my heart's scar.


My fingers fumble with the lock,

Frozen sweat beading my brow.

I hear his footsteps coming up the stairs,

Fear is consuming all of me.


The security of the click,

Is a moments gift to me.

He pounds a fist on my door,

The knob jerks, he's pulling it free.


My warm blankets I see,

I dive to them and shove them over me.

Hearing the rattle of the knob,

I grab my headphones and hear music's throb.


The striking chords of music,

Is blaring into my ears.

Tears glisten on my cheeks,

He been doing this for weeks.


I hear the jangling of a key,

Even through the music.

I hope it's you come to save me,

Turning off the sound, I pray I don't lose it.


Uncovering the sheets,

I see a light spilling on the floor.

The key is in his hand,

He's standing by the door.


He walks over to me,

Stopping at the foot of my bed.

I huddle myself closer,

Oh God, I wish he was dead.


Pain erupts where he hits,

My face is stinging, I know it's red.

His fingers dig into my shoulders,

As he forces me down onto the bed.


I kick, bite, claw, and scratch,

But, to him, I am no match.

Gripping my wrists in one hand,

The other trails down me.


I heard your car door,

He didn't, he's still fighting.

I don't want this to happen anymore,

So I start with biting.


My screams ring throughout the house,

They run outside to meet you.

He forces his mouth on me,

Now I am the mouse.


Halfway through his deed,

You run up the hallway.

A radiant angel's steed,

Throws him off of me.


I pull the pieces to my shirt closer to me,

Finally, you heard my plea.

You phoned the police moments before,

I hear the sirens wailing outside the door.


Your hand claws him across the face,

Blood running from his brow.

You give me another shirt to where,

When you see the massive tears.


Policemen burst into the room,

Handcuffs take him away now.

Now, at the end of my story,

You say, "I'm sorry."