People she thought were her friends abandoned her.

Because they did not approve of the actions she was taking,

though it had no negative affect on them.

They shut her out, called her names the new were not true.

These people who were supposedly her friends.

Who said I love you and the turn around and do the worst thing possible

But maybe they did not mean what they said; hypocrites, who lecture her on the same thing;

using her when she was there and convenient,

even after they say no matter what I'm here.

So how do u tell who are really your friends?

These are the time when we truly find out;

who stays with you even though they do not approve,

those that still care and are there till the end.

Then there are those that show there true colors,

who turn there backs and leave,

So I ask you, do you know who your friends are?

Find out before you need them,

and they only increase your pain.