"Can you see?"

Do you see her standing there?

Do you see her, trying to reach out to you?

Do you even care?

Or do you just ignore her like everyone else?

Saying things behind her back; whispering,

all because people think she's different.

When all she wanted was someone to talk to.

When she tries to talk to you, will you be like the rest?

Will you ignore her, while turning back to your friends?

Or will you be the one to make a difference;

to reach out and save her. . . ?

you saw her;

decided to be different.

You talked to her; got to know her.

Became friends;

the best of friends, in fact.

Soon, the feelings started to change.

Change into something more;

something special.

She trusted him, which she did not do with many.

When the time came to test how strong their feelings were -

she trusted him, which she did not do with many.

So she gave into the trap of trusting him,

and crumbled ot the floor;

when that trust was broken.

So, do you see her?

Do you see her there?

You did this to her, when she trusted you.

you let her fall; she gave into the temptation.

but .. now that she's gone;

can you still see her?