She walks slowly over to the windowed wall
The shadows embrace her as she stares at the stormy sea
The thunder doesn't enter her consciousness inside
But the ground beneath her feet and the roof over her head still quakes
She takes a moment to press her face against the glass
And look at the sharp rocks below
The blue fabric of her gauzy dress
Cannot rival the angry blue of the water beyond
She sits upon the window seat placing her hand upon the clear, transformed
Her wild black hair frames her pale face and ruby lips
The ballad of a lost lover comes back to her
And seems to play in the lonely house
For it is her lover that is lost now
On a night like this
Suddenly the thunder and lightning breaks through her insular womb
And she is taken aback
For she sees a familiar face in the reflection
Not her own, but of a man she loved
He is behind her, raven-clothed
She clasps her hands in front of her as if in prayer
He reaches to them and takes her wrists to his mouth each in turn
His kisses bring fire and pain
Scarlet streams from her opened veins
The sweet thunder echoes once again
Only this time, deep inside her heart
For that is where he dwells
She wants to scream, but is silenced by his mouth
She stares into his eyes and sees the same blue
That is crashing just outside
She crashes against him like the waves upon the rocks
And he holds her
As she releases and slips into a state of helplessness
But she is willing, more than willing to be taken away
She has lost too much to go back
And so she gently kisses him on his full lips
Breathes a deep sigh
The knife falls from her clutched hand
And clatters on the floor
Heard by no one
For she has gone