Sheet music fun, we're having our time.
SIDE-STEP, SIDE-STEP; a romantic endeavor:
infatuated ourselves with that indirect approach,
a convoluted movement that dazzles one's eyes
– it tricks one's mind –
into believing it was properly executed.

SIDE-STEPPERS stomping to that droning beat,
it redirects listeners, convincing with its tone
going on and on, and on…
Sheet music fun, we're having our time;
we listen to those lines:

No longer concerned for our
broadcast impressions,
We abide by the sheet music played.
It's dainty, now that we've found ourselves
the most favorable affiliation.
We perk our ears;
we move as if told.

We flirt to the side,
we consult amongst ourselves
in that sheet music sway
we imitate the rhythm.
We pretend to know what we're up to;
we feign a care.

But we're reluctant, quite rueful
to relinquish that sheet music fun
– our bodies could not tell the difference –
so we acted as if we knew
how to dance.

And we found ourselves performing that fanciful