Info on the Seven Divisions

1st Protection (White Magic)

2nd Split Division-Huntsmen (Archery)

3rd Sorcery (Black Magic)

4th Bazaar (Venders)

5th Split Division-Celestial Magic (White Magic)

6th Split Division Enchantment Magic (Elemental Magic)

7th Combat (Weapons)

Prologue: A Summer Event (This is during the middle of the story)

The smell of sweat lingered throughout the villagers. It was an awful smell but no one took notice of it. Perhaps it was the woman dressed in black dress standing in front of the crowds of villagers that all took a day off to celebrate today. Or was it the mysterious young man standing alone by the trees with a crest belonging to a Division on his coat?

"I believe it's snowing tonight," she stated receiving several glares from the audience. Her face wore a calm smile while her eyes bored into the crowds.

"With this much sunlight madam?" inquired a villager. Indeed, the whole village appeared to agree as well with murmurs of her being a fraud spreading. She took no notice and raised her hand.

"What is your opinion?" she called Damacles from the crowds. "You have not said anything." She had to call me.

"I hold nothing against you," he told her. "But if you say it'll snow, I think not. There's not a single breeze in the air. There won't even be rain.


"Would you like to make a bet then?" she asked. Damacles frowned a second.

"Bet?" he walked towards her. "What kind of bet?" She smiled knowing he was interested.

"If it snows tonight you shall be my new helper. If it doesn't I will grant you one request. Even if it is to end my life," she added.

Damacles stayed quiet. He took a glance at the skies. "I accept. If you lose, you'll quit being a fortune teller."

"Alright. You have chosen wisely. Fortune tellers without their job are better off dead."

Damacles merely shrugged and fled from the crowds. All he had to do was stay for the whole night to make sure it wouldn't snow. He spent the whole day staring at clouds, if there were any. The sun couldn't be hotter yet Damacles didn't feel so sure of himself.

Night came by and the fireworks were starting. It was the middle of the summer, the time of year when the farmers would celebrate by throwing fireworks in the air to thank the gods. Strangely he had not once seen the fortuneteller. He figured she got scared of losing her career and escaped. He laughed at that. For a while he was actually worried. He took a seat next to the trees. The fireworks flew merrily over the skies. Sounds of loud explosions filled the air. Hues of blue, green, and red danced happily over the night skies.

"The meeting house is on fire!"

Yells ran out as people rushed to the river. The fireworks had somehow been lit inside the village. The villagers threw buckets of water to the flames. He knew he had to do something. Damacles stood in shock at what he was about to do.

"Niveus'!" The magical words escaped his lips and in seconds the village was covered in white ice. Damacles sighed. He only learned how to summon snow, not rain. His teacher would not be happy with him. Stay undercover they told him and what did he do? He revealed he was a wizard. Worse of all, that female won. A pair of footsteps trotted behind him.

"You have lost…young Damacles."